You are currently viewing Rector’s appeal to students of the University

Rector’s appeal to students of the University

Dear Preparatory Year students!

I congratulate you on your admission to our University and on becoming a full member of the TTPU family. I hope that your studies will be interesting, exciting and useful for your future career.

I hope that the pandemic and quarantine will soon lose their harmful influence on our activities and we will again be glad to receive you in our university.

I would like to apologize for interruptions in the work with the portal of video lessons and online content related to the low competence of one of our partners.
Thanks to the work of our teaching staff and academic department, we continuously place the content on our Telegram channel and from yesterday we have launched the portal.

Students of 1st, 2nd and 3rd courses will receive necessary materials timely through the Didattica portal from October of this year, and students of 3 and 4 courses will start their studies in an offline mode from November. From the second semester, students of 1 and 2 courses will continue to study offline.

I hope for your understanding, wish health, success and prosperity to you and your close relatives.

With best regards,
Rector J. Sh. Inoyatkhodjaev