Turin Polytechnic University in Tashkent Announces Admission to The Basic Doctorate for 2023 Year on The Following Disciplines

Code: 05.08.06

Discipline: «Wheeled and cater- pillar machines and their exploitation»,

Quota: 2

Code: 05.01.08

Discipline: «Automation and management of technological processes and production»

Quota: 1

Code: 05.09.01

Discipline: «Engineering constructions, buildings and structures»

Quota: 1


The following applicants are admitted to the basic doctoral program of the institute:

  • – holders of a master’s degree, a diploma of higher education (according to specialty programs);
  • – candidates with scientific results, which will serve as the basis for writing dissertation research with the aim of obtaining an academic degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), including at least one article in a scientific journal and at least 2 theses in relevant areas in scientific collections.

Applicants for basic doctoral program need to submit the following documents:

  • – application;
  • – a brief biographical note;
  • – a copy of the employment record book (for employed applicants);
  • – a master’s degree certificate from a higher educational institution, a copy of a bachelor’s degree certificate (according to specialty programs);
  • – a list of published works, as well as their copies (at least one article in a scientific journal and at least two theses in scientific collections that form the basis of the dissertation research is required);
  • – holders of the State Scholarship of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan submit copies of the relevant documents.

Applicants for the basic doctoral program take entrance exams of their field and a foreign language exam (a foreign language studied at previous levels of education). If applicants have a valid certificate confirming the passing of the exam in a foreign language IELTS (average score of at least 5.5), TOEFL (PBT) (at least 567 points), TOEFL (IBT) (at least 87 points), CEFR (at least B2 level), they are exempt from the foreign language exam.

Applicants for an independent study to obtain a Doctor of Philosophy degree (PhD) need to meet the following requirements:

  • – master’s degree or higher education (in their field);
  • – scientific results which can serve as the basis of dissertation research for obtaining a PhD. degree, including at least one article published in scientific journals, and two theses in a collection of scientific papers in the relevant field.
  • – possess a scientific and pedagogical experience of at least two years, or certain scientific achievements (patented inventions or copyright certificates).

The document files can be downloaded on the site: https://phd.mininnovation.uz/, pre-registration is complete. IT’S OBLIGATORY

Also, please send your documents as an archive to the address: o.karpova@polito.uz with the subject – “PhD”.

The deadline for submitting documents: until October 15, 2022.