The radio broadcast was started at TTPU

On October 21, 2022, on the occasion of the Uzbek language holiday, by the initiative of university students the first edition of the radio broadcast “Nazm va navo” was launched at TTPU.
During the broadcast, our great figures who contributed to the history of the Uzbek language, Alisher Navoi’s “Muhokamat-ul-lughatayn”, Zahiriddin Muhammad Babur’s “Baburnoma”, Muhammad Salih’s “Shaybaniynoma”, Gulkhani’s “Zarbulmasal”, Fazli’s “Majmuatush” Shuaro”, as well as examples of contemporary Uzbek literary masterpieces (poems and ghazals) were read expressively by students and mentors. Also, the head of the music club, Mansur Saparbaev, performed Uzbek classics songs and a song dedicated to the university.
In conclusion, we can say that one can talk endlessly about the Uzbek language. In fact, the image of a nation is revealed by its linguistic richness. Instead of words, as our great enlightened grandfather Abdullah Avloni wrote: “The mirror of the existence of every nation is its language and literature. To lose the national language means to lose the soul of the nation.”
We hope that through the broadcast, which took place in a festive mood, information was given about the meaning and value of native language today, and an awakening of interest in our pure native language and poetry among students was achieved.