National dress as a mirror of culture

National costumes embody the history, ancient customs and traditions and aesthetic views of our people, and now it is very important to widely promote the beauty of national costumes among young people.

To preserve the national values ​​and spiritual heritage of the Uzbek people, to inspire the pride of national costumes in the hearts of our girls, respect and loyalty to our national values, customs and traditions, to widely promote the beauty and charm of national costumes among the youth, on April 12, 2023, an event named “Milliy libos-millat qiyofasi!” was held at Turin Polytechnic University in Tashkent.

The first vice-rector of the university A. Ashurov opened the event and wished all the participants good luck.

At this event, together with the students of the university, the students of the “Art of historical and theater costumes” department of the art school named after Pavel Benkov held a fashion show of bright and attractive national costumes from different regions of our country.

The performances by “Alladin unique” kindergarten children, added a special atmosphere to the event.

The performances of the university girls were duly evaluated by the members of the jury, which consisted of teachers of the art school named after Pavel Benkov. All participants were awarded diplomas and souvenirs.