The Minister of higher education, science and innovation was introduced to Turin polytechnic university in Tashkent

On May 11, 2023, Turin Polytechnic University in Tashkent was visited by Doctor of Biological Science and Academician Ibrahim Abdurakhmanov, the Minister of Higher Education, Science and Innovation.


During his visit, the Minister got acquainted with the university’s start-up projects, scientific and sports facilities, Technopark and laboratories.

The Rector of the university, DSc Jamshid Inoyatkhodjaev, introducing the activities of the university emphasized the significant work done in the field of the automotive industry and the training of personnel in this direction. He gave a presentation on the university’s current situation and its development strategy, as well as areas of academic study, works on installation of energy-efficient solar panels, operations of spin-off firms and international relations.

In an open discussion with university academics and students the Minister discussed their work and study, problems and solutions.

The minister gave instances from his life to illustrate the importance of students’ observance as well as the need to learn the essential material, manage their time well, and constantly advance.
It is not enough to have talent to be a scientist or a specialist, it is necessary to be observant and to strive for big goals.

The students also expressed their opinions and gave a number of suggestions. In particular, there were proposals to increase the number of scientific internships abroad for young people, to support scientific grants awarded by the university as projects focused on innovative and creative fields, develop media projects. Also, the initiative to launch the production of microchips in our country by developing the field of photonics was supported.