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“Prospects of Engineering Field in the Republic of Uzbekistan”

On April 22, a forum on the topic “Prospects of Engineering Field in the Republic of Uzbekistan” was held at the Turin Polytechnic University in Tashkent. The forum was attended by the Minister of Higher Education, Science, and Innovation Qo‘ng‘irotboy Sharipov, the CEO of “Uzavtosanoat” Ulug‘bek Rozukulov, rectors and professors of engineering universities in our country, the Rector and professors of Politecnico di Torino, representatives from foreign partner universities, various diplomatic missions, and leaders of companies in the automotive industry.

During the forum, it was emphasized that there is a growing demand for engineers in our country and the need to pay special attention to this field. It was highlighted that establishing specialized engineering schools within the higher education system is among the urgent tasks of today. The opinions of foreign experts were also taken into account. It was noted that Turin Polytechnic University is one of the leading universities in the field of engineering education in Uzbekistan’s educational infrastructure.

Before the start of the forum, a video presentation showcasing the achievements of the university over its 15 years of activity was shown to the guests. During the period of cooperation between TTPU and Politecnico di Torino, Italian university rectors Francesco Profumo, Marco Gilli, and Guido Saracco delivered speeches via Zoom. They, in turn, extended their congratulations on the university’s 15th anniversary.