Competition “Among Girls -2020”

Competition “Among Girls -2020”

Women and girls are compared with spring and spring with them. Beauty, elegance, renewal are combined in the concepts of spring and woman. The role of women in the family is priceless. Wise, beautiful women with their care, kindness and sincerity keep calm in the family and in society as a whole and also create an atmosphere of purity, honesty, sincerity and justice.

Increasing the socio-political activity of women in the country, increasing their spiritual and intellectual potential, strengthening their health, protecting families, motherhood and childhood are the policies of our state.

Turin Polytechnic University in Tashkent, in order to provide an opportunity to test the abilities of girls in any field, organized a contest “Among Girls – 2020”.

For a fair assessment of the contest participants professionals in each of their areas of competition were invited :
– Director of Autoradio – Kamola Ermatova
– Director of the restaurant “Banquette Hall” – Dilnoza Sharipova
– Senior Researcher at the Center for Innovative Development under the Ministry of Innovative Development – Ulmas Zoirov
– Stylists of the beauty salon “S-Class”
– Founder and chief designer of the Anor brand, chairman of the Council of young designers – Dilnoza Umirzokova.

Participants demonstrated their abilities in 5 stages:
– “My mirror image” (presentation about yourself);
– “Cooking Secrets” (video about cooking and tasting dishes)
– “My innovative idea” (presentation of own innovation)
– “I-stylist” (creating the image of the model)
– “I’m on the podium” (creating your own image)

The most active girls of the university competed to show their superiority in agility, skill, intelligence and knowledge. The jury evaluated the participants in various trials. According to the results of the competition “Among Girls 2020” among female students, the first place was awarded to a first-year student Ozodova Shakhrizoda.

Each participant was awarded with diplomas and prizes from the university. Such events play an important role in educating our girls in harmony with national traditions. Girls with knowledge of oriental etiquette, gestures and traditions of grandmothers prove that they must become future husbands, husbands, mothers and make a worthy contribution to the solid foundation of the family society that they will build.

Eastern education, quick wit, knowledge of the traditions of our ancestors will become a support for our girls in their becoming worthy companions, excellent guardians of the hearth and exemplary mothers.