Aerospace Engineering


One of the advanced faculties of the Turin Polytechnic University in Tashkent is open for admission of applicants for 2023-2024 and offers full coverage of educational expenses for successful students!

The number of students is limited to only 100 people.
A distinctive feature is that up to 50 grants will be provided with full coverage of tuition costs! In addition, the best students will have the opportunity to get an internship with the most technologically advanced employers, such as Uzbekistan Airways, UzbekCosmos and the Agency of Innovations, already during their studies or after the graduation. *The minimum requirement to be considered for a grant is 50 points on the entrance exam.

A unique opportunity from Uzbekistan Airways for graduates of this direction!
After successful graduation of the university, you will be able to continue your studies at Uzbekistan Airways, where you can get the practice of servicing aircrafts!

For the best graduates who wish to become a pilot, Uzbekistan Airways will interview and select those who will be invited to 18-month pilot school as well as follow the pilot training program. This program costs from 15 to 20 thousand dollars, but for graduates of Turin Polytechnic University, this opportunity will be provided for free!

Also, this field creates specialists in demand all over the world and this diploma will allow you to continue your studies at any university in the world or get a job in more than 160 countries, including Europe and the USA.

Don’t miss the opportunity and sign up for the entrance exam to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of innovation and discovery, work on large projects, research and practice with our students, professors and professionals in the field.

Are you interested to know more about this field of study?

Aerospace engineers develop advanced technologies and apply them to aerospace vehicle systems used for transportation, communications, and defense. Successful aerospace engineers have deep skills and understanding of aerodynamics, materials and structures, motion, dynamics and control, and software. Earning an aerospace engineering degree has both personal and financial benefits, including:
* Ability to innovate – they work with new technologies used for spacecraft, aircraft and satellites;
* High profit payment. A career in aerospace engineering provides an opportunity for candidates who want to earn high salaries;
* Growing demand. If you are highly qualified and certified in aerospace engineering, you can easily get jobs in various fields;
* Practical work. One of the best reasons to study aerospace engineering is that they work with real aircraft and prototypes.
* Get worldwide recognition. Working as an aerospace engineer speaks for itself and is recognized worldwide as you travel and work in various aerospace industries.

Choosing aerospace engineering for your bachelor’s degree is your first and foremost step towards a successful future. There are many jobs available in the aerospace and aviation industries.

Start your journey in studying aerospace engineering at Turin Polytechnic University and spread your wings of opportunity!