To become an excellent specialist with solid knowledge and experience in rapidly evolving construction industries, it is important to have a diverse array of skills.

This cutting-edge bachelor program provides you with essential subjects in areas BIM technologies, creative architectural design and building planning.

This program is delivered by our experienced and passionate professors, who were top graduates from top civil engineering universities of Japan, Germany, the Republic of Korea, Austria and Italy.


  • Obtain knowledge through experience!
  • Learn how to use modern equipment and related software programs!
  • Participate in lectures and practical lessons in construction sites!
  • Introduction to BIM technologies!
  • Meet experts and professionals on certain university events!
  • Get involved in ongoing projects!

Participate in student exchange programs with top universities across the European Union!


  • Develop and critically analyze architectural design!
  • Creating building designs with well-integrated systems!
  • Demonstrate knowledge of architectural technology and construction materials in the building planning process.
  • Be able to use freehand drawing of architectural facades and elements, and model building skills in the solution and documentation of architectural projects.
  • Be able to use BIM technology and workflows.
  • Electronic documentation of buildings and historical monuments using terrestrial laser scanner and manage point cloud.

Be able to utilize technology as a tool in a wide range of applications, 3-D visualization and rendering, image photogrammetry, editing software and other appropriate technology.


Program graduates can enjoy careers in a variety of fields including:

  • Building interior and exterior designer
  • Assistant to chief architect and building planer
  • Landscape Architect
  • Building surveyor
  • Town planner
  • Historic buildings inspector
  • Structural engineer