Automotive Engineering

In 2005, some of the most dynamic students of the Bachelor’s degree programme in Automotive Engineering decided to participate in the inter-university competition organized by SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) with the aim of designing and producing a race car capable of passing several tests, from design to engineering efficiency. That was the first 46 car. From then on, they have competed, every year, at some of the main European motor racing tracks in which the Formula SAE is held: Hockenheim, Barcelona, Varano.

The goal of this programme is to provide basic knowledge in terms of the vehicle system, its main sub-systems, and its production. All these skills can be applied to design automotive components, fostering work in interdisciplinary teams.

You will become a junior designer who can contribute to the development and management of integrated motor vehicle systems, with the constant application of state-of-the-art technologies and methodologies, both for research development and production process management.