Our mission is to achieve preparing highly qualified specialists on mechanical engineering, construction, energetic and information technologies using latest scientific achievements, aesthetics and ethical principles.

        Our aim is to supply a person with knowledge in higher education and post-higher education in production, service and society requirements.

        The following must strictly be fulfilled to achieve the aims put forward:

  • to coordinate study process with scientific research;
  • not to accept, create and transfer the ignorant;
  • to give an effective knowledge to students;
  • to improve creative relations by connecting education, upbringing and  science with production practice;                             
  • to follow teaching and learning culture;                                                
  • to follow all security rules;
  • to improve study process constantly;
  • to improve and train teachers’ knowledge and qualification permanently;
  • to introduce and implement innovation technologies;
  • to establish a permanent monitoring in improving teaching quality;
  • to know and learn the demand for specialists in advance.

       To achieve the aim university administration and teachers play a leading role and take the following responsibilities:

  • to stimulate constantly teachers’ and scientific researchers’ scientific and practical works;
  • to provide security principles;
  • to organize creative-fascinating teaching;
  • to supply with necessary resources;
  • to provide highly information-education level;
  • to analyze graduate students’ works;
  • to supply the awareness with quality policy, its periodical analysis and validity.