Center for Advanced Studies and Retraining

The Center’s mission: Training and retraining of specialists in accordance with the requirements of the modern world.

The purpose of the Center: to provide advanced knowledge and skills required to work any expert in their field, giving a competitive edge over other market participants.

The organizational structure of the Centre: The sector training and retraining; Sector Information Systems and Technology (Basic Training Center Complex engineering); The sector pre-university training (preparatory courses).

The student’s contingent: business leaders, leading experts of the production and technical departments, services, personnel, marketing, economics and finance companies, engineer. Education of students is conducted by highly qualified teaching staff with the use of modern technology.

Classes are held in groups of 15-20 people. Educational services licensed – License issued by the Cabinet of Ministers № NAS UZ 001 MO 0367-05 dated October 4, 2013. After the course students receive a certificate of the established sample.

Training for administrative staff includes such courses and training as:

  • Analysis of financial and economic state enterprises and tax planning
  • Business Planning
  • Foreign Economic Activity
  • Information and Communication Technologies
  • Corporate Management and Strategic Planning
  • Course for administrative and personnel management
  • Course for technical guidance
  • Course for financial and economic management
  • Personal efficiency and time management
  • Marketing and enterprise development strategy
  • Negotiating Skills
  • Public speaking skills
  • News in accounting
  • Management Basics
  • Psychology and sales organization
  • Management Psychology
  • Public speaking skills
  • Development of the production and development of new projects
  • Personnel Management
  • Project Management
  • Financial Management
  • Business Economics
  • GMS (Global manufacturing system)

In accordance with the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers on March 27, 2014 № 73 “On additional measures to improve the skills of employees of state and economic management, public authorities in the field of Information and Communication Technologies” the Center is the only training center of the complex machinery, which is held. The following training courses in information and communication technologies:

  • Training courses on work on computers and on the Internet, the mastery of modern communications technology (minimum, medium and high levels)
  • Fundamentals of modeling and automation of development of design documentation based on Autodesk systems
  • Basics of modeling in NX (UNIGRAPHICS)
  • System Administration MS
  • Web technology.

At the same time, the university organized the following intensive training courses on precise and humanities for students entering higher education:

  • Physics
  • Mathematics
  • English (IELTS)

In addition, short-term seminars are held, namely “Urgent issues of tax administration and production, accounting legislation,” “New legislation in the frame”, as well as personnel evaluation and certification of employees, corporate trainings and courses on-site at the company or recreation areas.

Services are provided by cash and money transmission for physical and individuals and co operative clients.

Phone: (+998 91) 134 1011, (+998 93) 565 6104, (+99871) 246 3067, (+ 99871) 246 7088

Fax: (+99871) 246 6092


Adress: 17, Kichik Khalqa Yoli, Tashkent city.