SPACE.COM – New Curriculum for Space and Telecommunication Systems (~95 547 EUR)

Start: 15-11-2019 – End: 14-11-2022

Project Reference: 609715-EPP-1-2019-1-UZ-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP

EU Grant: 998997 EUR

Program: Erasmus+

Key Action: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practice section

Type: Capacity Building in higher education


SPACE.COM is aimed to adapt, modernize and restructure existing curricula in space systems and communication engineering; to develop new certified courses according to the new achievements in the area, the labor market demands and the Bologna Process; to test innovated curricula and to disseminate the results.

The planned curricular reform will focus on the content, structure, teaching methods and the use of new teaching materials with regard to the European modernization agenda for higher education.

Specific objectives are:

– Analyses of educational needs in the target area according to the market demands and current curricula review;

– To design syllabi and course content and assessment for regular and continuing education courses in space systems and communication engineering to meet the user needs;

– To adapt/develop new e-learning courses with modular structure for the innovated curricula of partner universities and to establish a platform and procedures for knowledge sharing;

– To perform a pilot test and to start the implementation of the joint modules/courses delivery during the last project year;

– Rapprochement of the HEI of PCs with the Labour Market;