Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture is one of the doorways to the finest Italian university in Uzbekistan. We offer state-of-the-art facilities and high-quality education in civil engineering and architecture quite a handful of universities in Central Asia or Asia can take pride of.

Our passionate professors, finest scholars and researchers from Italy, Japan, South Korea and the United States are here to combine architectural principles with civil engineering disciplines to em-power our students with knowledge and experience in the field.

We offer the following courses in our department:
Engineering drawing
Geology / Safety and civil protection
Analytical mechanics
Statistical methods for engineering
Land surveying
Environmental management engineering for industrial activities
Geographic Information systems, GIS
Transportation systems and infrastructure
Structural mechanics
Structural engineering
Numerical methods for engineering

Our role in a society and industry is huge as we provide the technical expertise and R&D service to industrial sector of Uzbekistan, with the reflection of its needs and drawing on its possibilities and realties.

With a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering and Architecture, you will be equipped with the knowledge to generate unique solutions to growing environmental and social problems. This is be-cause we at Turin Polytechnic University in Tashkent value interdisciplinary collaboration and per-sonal approach to our students.

The reward of our tireless effort and significant contribution to the higher education in Uzbekistan is reflected with job placement of our graduates. That is, 99 percent of our graduates have been em-ployed up to this day. Quite an accomplishment for the head of university and its faculty members across departments. Quite a great investment from parents and their sponsors. Quite a stream of fresh blood for employers to embrace a cohort of young and ambitious experts in their field of work.

Join us and prepare a great future for yourself and the next generation!