21 Dec Turin Polytechnic University in Tashkent and Fergana Polytechnic Institute signed an Agreement on scientific and educational cooperation.

 The purpose of this Agreement is to prepare bachelor and master students, doctor of sciences in engineering fields which is considered to be a mutual interest of two universities. Moreover, establishment of mutually beneficial cooperation in the field of science and education, development of joint research studies and preparation of highly qualified academic and teaching staff, exchange of educational methodological, scientific literature and didactic materials are also targets of this agreement.

The development of industry and increase production capacity in the Fergana Valley and in the Republic in the 60s of the twentieth century was the sharp increase in demand for national engineering staff.

In this connection, by order of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Education -Special for number 251-A in 1967 on the basis of the Fergana branch of Tashkent Polytechnic Institute was founded Fergana Polytechnic Institute.

Initially, the institute employs 70 teachers, three of whom had a degree, PhD.

Institute was allocated a building that belonged to the 8-Building Trust, oil refineries, production association “Nitrogen”.In a short time these buildings were adapted for training.

In August 1967 the first time made the reception of applicants in areas of “Industrial and Civil Engineering”, “Mechanical Engineering” and “Energy”. To work at the institute were privlechiny scientific-pedagogical staff from across the country and gifted graduates of the Tashkent Polytechnic Institute. Every year the Institute expanded and opened new departments and faculties.


Location: city of Ferghana, 71202, Ferghana street, 86

Phone: 8(373) 242-12-06

Web page address: www.farpi.uz

E-mail: ferpi_info@edu.uz