22 Dec Prevention of drug addiction

As is known, in all educational institutions systematic work is carried out to prevent drug abuse among students. So, on December 20, 2017, a meeting between the teaching staff and students with the specialist of the National Center for Drug Control under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan Fazliddin Gaipov and the narcologist of the city narcological dispensary Mohira Muminova on the topic “Drug addiction – a vice that does not know territory and borders “. In his speech, F.Haipov noted that the abuse of drugs and other psychoactive substances took the nature of the epidemic and requires a new understanding of the dangers of drug addiction and active measures to combat it. He also made a comprehensive presentation of the awareness-raising work carried out by law enforcement officers among the population and the administrative and legislative measures being taken.

Turning to students, the drug treatment specialist M. Muminova drew their attention to the need to prevent drug addiction and substance abuse in schools, colleges and universities. After all, it is the adolescents who are most often the victims of these addictions. She stressed that the society is trying to reduce the growth of drug addiction and return to the full life of people who are addicted to drugs. In her lecture M. Muminova also highlighted the activities of drug treatment doctors, educating young people, especially adolescents, who are able to clearly understand what drugs are, how they work on the body, and what are the consequences of their use.
During the event, a documentary film “Cabohat” was demonstrated, as well as specialists gave exhaustive answers to students’ questions of interest. Thus, such preventive conversations contribute to preventing the spread of drugs among young people, committing various crimes related to them and promoting healthy lifestyles among students.