27 Jul The international festival competition of children’s technical creativity “YOUTH TECHNO ART-2019” was held at our university


The international festival-competition of children’s technical creativity “The Youth Techno Art-2019” was held at our university on 25 July this year. The festival is organized by the Ministry of Public Education for the first time in Uzbekistan with the purpose of identifying and encouraging gifted youth and it is being attended by about 30 talented students from Kingdoms of Jordan, Armenia, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. The honor of our country is protected by a total of 22 participants, who are the winners of a festival competition «Youth techno art-2018″ in 2018.
Deputy Minister of Public Education Kenjayev Dilshod Mutalibovich noted that the main purpose of the contest is to develop robotics, mechatronics and engineering skills in accordance with the perspective directions of science and technology development among youth, to develop technical creativity among students of the world and to improve the friendship between nations. After that, the concert program with participation of various children’s singing and dancing ensembles and groups gave a great mood to the participants and guests of the festival.
After the opening ceremony, participants of “Youth techno art-2019” demonstrated their technical creativity on avia-rocketmodel, robotics, radio engineering, electronic engineering and communication. At assessment of creative works of participants theoretical and practical knowledge is considered. Participants carried out theoretical protection of the presented work with demonstration of drawings, the schemes explaining the principle of action of the presented work. The scheme of products prepared in four directions and information on the history of the product creation and its products are given. In practical terms the participants made their work with the subsequent protection and an explanation of the principle of action of the presented work.
In addition, on the same day a technical exhibition of talented children of our country was organized.