25 Oct Graduation ceremony-2019


Congratulations … Mantles … Graduation … Flowers … These are the most long-awaited moments of happiness for any student, the result of many years of education and work. This sense of achievement and complacency cannot be described simply in words…

On the 21st of October, a graduation ceremony for graduates-2019 was held at our university. On this day, graduate students shone in a special way, their eyes burned with happiness, and the smile became wider and wider. Before the event, all graduates were dressed in special mantles and academic caps, which gave them a sense of graduation. At the entrance to the conference hall, graduates were met by a live symphony orchestra and students in Italian national costumes.

As soon as the graduates took their places, the holiday was declared open. The rector of the University Salomov U.R. was the first to be invited to the stage. He congratulated all graduates and their parents on this special day and wished all graduates to become worthy specialists in their field, to achieve all of their goals and save friendship for many years. Also, he expressed his sincere gratitude to the representatives and rector of TPU (Italy) for their support and opportunities aimed at providing high-quality education to students and obtaining a world-class diploma. Then, the rector of TPU (Italy), Professor Guido Saracco, was invited. In his speech, he congratulated the rector of our university with another graduation of future specialists who will make a worthy contribution to the development of Uzbekistan. Wishing students great success in their future careers, both rectors began the long-awaited graduation ceremony. Under the sounds of the symphony orchestra, the graduates one by one went up on a stage had the opportunity to shake hands and receive a diploma from university rectors.

University graduate Abduvakhid Sultanov expressed sincere gratitude to both rectors, the professorial-teaching staff for obtained knowledge and opportunities of self-realization, for the happiest years of study at this university. At the same time, addressing the graduates, he thanked them for their friendship and mutual assistance, and also the parents of all graduates for their faith and support.

On behalf of the parents of the graduates, Parakhat Berdimurodov performed his speech on a stage. Having congratulated parents and graduates with this unforgettable solemn day, he expressed great gratitude to the professorial-teaching staff and wished the university everlasting prosperity, and to the graduates – always to remain the pride of the university.

At the end of the ceremony, a memory photo session was announced with rectors, professorial-teaching staff and all graduates. Academic caps were thrown into the air three times, which meant the promise of students to achieve great heights in life. Undoubtedly, the golden student times at TPU – Tashkent and the grand graduation ceremony will remain in the hearts of graduates for life.

Good luck, our dear graduates of Academic Year-2019! You are our pride, our joy and hope! We heartily congratulate you and your parents on a solemn day for you! We wish you great success!