02 Nov Murad Nazarov was the first guest of the UNLOCK program


The UNLOCK program is a new motivational program for students conducted with the participation of successful people and celebrities.
The purpose of the event is to awaken the positive views of students on life, study and career, giving self-confidence and assisting everyone to find their own path in life. On the 30th of October of this year, the university hosted the first meeting under the UNLOCK program with the participation of a well-known and prominent businessman, founder and leader of the MURAD BUILDINGS company, Murad Nazarov. The topic of the conversation was his story “From student times to successful business.” M. Nazarov spoke about his experience gained both in a personal and a professional way and gave advice on how to manage large projects, how to develop effective strategies and build a successful team. Several interesting questions were asked by students about his personal life, about the “Nest One” project and about his future plans. The conversation was full of positive moments and useful advice for professional and personal development. All participants had an opportunity to get the information that was useful and interesting to them.

The University administration and students wishing M. Nazarov to achieve all the goals and great successes thanked him for the opportunity to meet and conduct a pleasant, sincere conversation.

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