02 Dec Davronbek Turdiev became the second guest of the Unlock project


There are such skills that you can live without. But as soon as they are mastered, the quality of life improves significantly. For example, one of them is mnemonics. Mnemonics are special tricks and ways that make it possible to remember everything. Now imagine that you remember all the passwords and names of new acquaintances and memorize English words two and three times faster. Mnemonics is gaining great popularity in the world and is slowly but surely interested in the inhabitants of our city.
Davronbek Turdiev – the Chairman of the Federation of Mnemosport of Uzbekistan, participant of the Intellectual Olympiad and such projects as “Я Могу!” and ” Удивительные люди” – became the second guest of the Unlock project on the 22 of November of this year. At the beginning of the conversation, there were held a master class on mnemonics and an interesting conversation about the personal and professional life of the guest.
At the beginning of the meeting, from the side of the audience, 9 binary codes were dictated and written on the board, after looking at them exactly 5 minutes, Davronbek Turdiev began to tell his story of “Memory and Success”. He spoke about the projects in which he participated from the very beginning of his professional career in the field of mnemonics, about their successes and failures. His participation in the projects “Я Могу!” and ” Удивительные люди” impressed all listeners. During the conversation, he was asked several interesting questions about the importance and privileges of studying mnemonics, about the Federation of Mnemosport of Uzbekistan, about teachers and mentors, and about the future plans of the champion. At the end of the conversation, Davronbek Turdiev accurately dictated all the binary codes shown to him at the beginning of the conversation, which surprised the entire audience of the hall.
The conversation ended with and useful advice for university students about improving the efficiency of the brain work, developing memory and increasing concentration and motivating speech about the achievement of goals.