04 Dec 9th Annual mechatronics competition


Mechatronics is a branch of science and technology dedicated to the creation and operation of machines with computer-controlled movement, which is based on knowledge in the field of electromechanics, electronics, microprocessor technology, automation and IT technologies. The opening of the Mechatronics Center on the territory of the Turin Polytechnic University in Tashkent gives a great opportunity for education not only to university students but also to external participants.
On the 22nd of November of this year, it was held the 9th Annual mechatronics competition for the best innovative project among university students. University students had the opportunity to participate in a competition with projects in any field of activity and hold a presentation on introducing the idea of the project. The competition was participated by 18 teams, 12 of which were selected winners by the members of the jury after the presentation.
The selection of the project was carried out according to the following 5 criteria:

1. Usefulness
2. Accurate processing
3. Structure
4. Program
5. Innovativeness

After announcing the occupied places during the selection, the winners of the competition were awarded with the opportunity of free 8-month training at the Mechatronics Center and receiving a certificate at the end of the course.