06 Dec The First UnlockTours Project trip was to Hot Lunch Manufacturing Factory


Each of us at least once in life tried and enjoyed delicious instant noodles of any company. Instant noodles Hot Lunch is by far one of the most popular companies in the production of semi-cooked noodles in our republic.
On the 28th of November of this year, on the initiative of the Unlock team, it was organized the first educational trip to the Hot Lunch production plant. A week before the trip, according to the results of the questionnaire, there were selected 30 university students who had an opportunity to participate in this tour. It was organized a special university bus, which delivered all the participants to the destination.
The administration of the plant acquainted all participants of the excursion with the process of making noodles (making a dough, rolling it, cutting, steaming, frying and drying), preparing spices (drying, slicing) and packaging the finished products. At the end of the tour, participants had the opportunity to taste and evaluate the cooked noodles of different types. Everyone was given gift bags of Hot Lunch noodles and also the active participants who answered questions about this production were separately prized by N’Medov presents.
In a word, the tour has passed successfully!
On behalf of all participants, we express our sincere gratitude to the administration of the Hot Lunch production factory and, separately, to the UnlockTours project team for an informative and unforgettable tour to one of the most developing factories in Uzbekistan!