27 Dec Khasan and Khusan Mamasaidovs are the third guests of the UNLOCK program


On the 18th of December of this year, it was held another meeting under the UNLOCK program at TTPU, the guest of which were Khasan and Khusan Mamasaidovs, the founders of successful businesses like Dekos, Deli, Office Market and M-Factor.

They began their speech with an interesting story about the opening of their first business with their father being a student of the university. Speaking about the difficulties, mistakes and losses in the professional life of businessmen, they emphasized: “Difficulties which do not kill us, make us only stronger!” Noting that money is the foundation of any business and an important factor in life in general, the brothers gave examples based on their experience and the Maslow pyramid of needs.

Afterward, students asked questions about their businesses like Office Market (a manufacturer of printing production since 1997), Deli Torg (a distributor of the leading stationery manufacturer Deli since 2004), Dekos (a manufacturer of business gifts since 2007) and M -Factor (TV show “The factors for success and mistakes” since 2014). The Mamasaidovs talked about the reason for choosing the service sector, the teamwork scheme (1 + 1 = 11) and the marketing theory of their companies, based on 11 basic “coordinates” of planning (Product, Place, Price, Promotion, People, Physical Evidence, Profit, Packaging, Politics and Pray).

During the conversation, the Mamasaidovs recommended reading of all the books of authors like Robert Kiyosaki, Dale Carnegie, Bodo Schaefer and Brian Trаsy. They also suggested watching the film “Steve Jobs” (2015) and the film “Ford or Ferrari” (2019).

The conversation with such successful businessmen as brothers Khasan and Khusan Mamasaidovs was very sincere, motivating and useful. On behalf of all students and the administration, we thank our guests and the UNLOCK team for an unforgettable meeting and an impressive conversation.