02 Jun An innovative solution in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic from the specialists of Uzavtosanoat JSC and students of the Turin Polytechnic University in Tashkent


Today, during the coronavirus pandemic, the demand for high-quality medical care, especially for modern high-precision medical equipment, is growing worldwide.

In turn, the demand for modern world-class medical equipment is growing in our country.

In particular, the role of artificial lung ventilation (ALV) is very important in saving the lives of critically ill patients.

Therefore, during the coronavirus pandemic, Uzbekistan regularly purchases ALV equipment and test systems from foreign countries. Such medical equipment purchased abroad requires enormous financial expences. In particular, the Asian Development Bank and the World Bank allocated $ 30 million for the purchase of ALV equipment.

At a time when medical workers around the world are struggling with this disease, our scientists also did not stand aside.

Based on the financial situation in the country, in order to meet the demand for medical equipment and reduce expenses for them, the specialists of Uzavtosanoat JSC and students of the Turin Polytechnic University jointly developed a prototype of the artificial lung ventilation apparatus.

The technical characteristics of the device are fully consistent with international standards, including sensors that show the level of oxygen, pressure, humidity and temperature, the indicators of which are stored in the equipment’s memory. The ALV equipment also has a cleaning system through which exhaust air passes through a filter that is easy to replace.

Another advantage of the device is that it is equipped with an uninterruptible power supply. This ensures continuous operation of the device for at least 7-8 hours.

Another advantage of ALV equipment is that the cost of this fully developed prototype is several times cheaper than similar equipment in foreign countries.

We hope that such developments will be effective in overcoming the disease in our country, as well as in creating conditions and assisting our doctors in such a difficult period.