Gas generating unit


Objective of the project:

For receiving artificial gas.


Prepared a combustible mixture that consists of fine coal (in the state of sand) and rice dry ears (peel) in a ratio of 14 kg of rice dried ears and 6 kg of carbon sand, mixed and packed into bags for further use. Each bag with a workpiece weighs 20 kg.
As soon as the mixture inside the combustion chamber begins to be covered by a flame, smoke from the upper chimney begins to go dark in large quantities and after the smoke is much weakened, immediately the upper chimney is closed tightly, to prevent smoke from escaping out of the chamber.
When using a blowing gas boiler, at one time it is possible to fill the combustion chamber with approximately 160 kilograms (8 sacks) of the combustible mixture and get an artificial gas that will burn for 6 hours.