Pulatov Takhirjan


Senior teacher

Date and place of birth: 20.06.1974, Syrdarya, Uzbekistan

Nationality: Uzbek

Education: High

Academic degree: No

Academic rank: No

E-mail:  t.pulatov@polito.uz

Phone: +998 71 246 50 28


– 1993-1998 Tashkent State Technical University Mechanical faculty, department “Auto-tractors construction”; Specialization – engineer-mechanic for automobile-tractors;

– 1998-2002 Post-graduate student at the Tashkent State Technical University;

– 2011-2012 Advanced course of CADD Engineering, Center for Development Account Computing, India;

– 2014 Certificate of training MAN Trucks & Bus RUS, Saint Petersburg, Russia;

– 2018 Certificate of training MAN Trucks & Bus, Germany.

Work experience

– 2002-2003 Tashkent State Technical University, Mechanical faculty, department “Tractors and automobiles” – teacher.
– 2004-2005 Tashkent State Technical University, deputy dean of Mechanical faculty;
– 2005 –2007 Tashkent State Technical University, deputy dean of faculty of Economy and Management
– 2007- 2011 Tashkent State Technical University, teacher of department “Overland transport systems and service» of Mechanical faculty.
– 2011- 2013 Turin Polytechnic University in Tashkent, Engineer for new projects, Head of Technopark;
– 2013 Senior teacher in department “Applied sciences” of TPUT.


Honours, Awards, Fellowships, Membership of Professional Societies

2002- “Ustoz” foundation fellowship
2003- TurkBilTek foundation fellowship
2006 – “Iste’dod” foundation fellowship
2011- ITEC Scholarship
2015 – DAAD Scholarship
2016 – ERASMUS MUNDUS scholarship

Research interests and past projects

Wear and friction, tribology, roughness of surfaces, engines, machine details and parts, hybrid technology in car industry.