Welcome by Rector


Dear colleagues, dear friends!

TTPUThe young generation of our Motherland is the future successor. That is why in our country since the first years of Independence the issue of upbringing the advanced generation has risen to the level of state policy. Everything were brought to perfection for our children in order to get a good knowledge, hold the useful prosperity skills of nation, demonstrate his creative and intellectual potential in various fields, what conditions are necessary for our great ancestors to become worthy followers. In particular, radical reform of the education system, opening of new scientific institutions, the centuries-old works have been done to strengthen their educational, material and technical base.

Our University was established in cooperation with Turin Polytechnic University (Italy) in 2009 under the initiative of first President Islam Abduganievich Karimov. Despite being young, along with making a worthwhile contribution to the higher education system of our country, university has great interest of young people in Uzbekistan, and also, turned to neighboring countries. I am not mistaken to say that thanks to our Independence, role of our president, our hardworking people, the will of our state to achieve these positive results is unique.

We are proud of this historic success for professorial-teaching staff of the Polytechnic University of Turin. I would like to express my deep gratitude to the students who have been struggling to overcome difficulties and who want to learn the day and night.

With the high level of activity of the main strength of our university that is our professors and teachers, we see our young people growing up in the spirit of patriotism, uplifting themselves, and raising their bright future in our country.

Any long journey begins with the first step! Therefore, I wish you every success in the pursuit of great adventures on a great life! I hope, we will make progress in building one’s own bright future together and we will achieve great successes!


Inoyatkhodjaev Jamshid Shukhratullaevich

Rector of Turin polytechnic university in Tashkent