Yarbekov Abdurasul Ergashevich


Associate Professor

Date and place of birth: 11.08.1978, Syrdarya region, Uzbekistan

Nationality: Uzbek

Education: High

Academic degree: PhD

Academic rank: Associate Professor

E-mail: a.yarbekov@polito.uz

Phone: +998 71 2462087

Academic degrees

• Bachelor & Master, 2000/2002, National University of Uzbekistan, Physicist

• PhD, 2009, Physical-technical institute Uzbek Academy Science


2013 – onward – Associate professor of Turin Polytechnic University in Tashkent, Uzbekistan

2010–2013 – Senior teacher of Turin Polytechnic University in Tashkent, Uzbekistan

2007-2010 – Teacher on physics at Second Republic Medical College

2005–2007 – Junior research scientist, “Semiconductor solar cells” laboratory, Physical-Technical institute Uzbek Academy Science

Research Interests

Improving efficiency of solar cells, nanotechnology solar cells, wind power generators, biogas and solar collectors


Main Publications

• Zahidov E, Nematov Sh, Yarbekov A. “Switching supershort broadband radiation to a fiber-optical loop” Uzbek Physics Journal, Tashkent 2012, Vol.14 (№5-6), p.326-334(in Russian)
• Zahidov E, Nematov Sh, Yarbekov A. « Photoacoustic spectrometer on the basis of the three-colored light-emitting diode for investigation of processes of photosynthetic transformation of light energy» , Uzbek Physics Journal, Tashkent 2014, Vol.14 (№5-6), p.326-334(in Russian);
• Zahidov E, Nematov Sh, Yarbekov A. « Fluorescent spectroscopy of processes of migration of excitons in a matrix of the lightcollector antenna of photosynthesizing systems » , International conference on actual problems of molecular spectroscopy of the condensed environments (in Russian) Samarkand 29-31 May-2013, p.49;