About Department

Aims of the Department:

  • Development of the international activities of the University and its divisions, the training of the employees abroad and the exchange programs for students and staff;
  • Improvement of the educational process, scientific functions, cultural life of the University in conjunction with the foreign educational and cultural centers, foundations and the representatives of education, science and culture of the foreign countries.

Tasks of the Department:

  • development of the prospective plans for the international affairs of the University;
  • creating the network to advertise information about the educational, scientific and cultural programs, projects, competition and scholarships;
  • providing the promotional information about the educational programs and scientific projects of the University;
  • offering the consulting support for the participation of the University, its staff and students in the international programs and projects, as well as provision of the support for foreign educational organizations, intuitions and foreigners for their participation in the educational, scientific and cultural programs and projects of the University;
  • coordination of the international activity of the structural divisions of the University.

Functions of the Department:

  • scheduling the current and prospective activity of the department and development of the University international relations;
  • searching and distributing information about the international programs, projects, competition and scholarships for the faculties, students and employees of the University;
  • offering the consulting services about participation and employment in the international programs, projects, scholarships, provision of the visa support;
  • organization and realization of the events in conjunction with foreign educational foundations for the development of international affairs;
  • participation in the arrangements of the visits of the foreign delegation, accommodation of the visiting lecturers and scientists;
  • participation in organization of the foreign exhibitions, presentations in order to popularize educational, scientific and cultural activities of the University;
  • registering and controlling of the work trips of the employees and students of the University to abroad;
  • providing information to the website of the University about department;
  • monitoring of the partnership agreements of the University with foreign educational and scientific institutions, organizations and foundations.


Niyazov Farkhad Shamilevich

Head of the Department of International Affairs

Telephone: (+998)71-2463067  Fax: (+998)71-2463067  E-mail: f.niyazov@polito.uz


Mirzamon Yulchiev Ergashaliyevich

Specialist on International Relations

Telephone: (+998)71-2463067  Fax: (+998)71-2463067  E-mail: m.yulchiyev@polito.uz


Shatemirova Shirina Valirahimovna

Specialist on International Relations

Telephone: (+998)71-2463067  Fax: (+998)71-2463067  E-mail: sh.shatemirova@polito.uz


Name of University/Organization Objectives of Partnership Date Concluded  Web-site

Korea Polytechnic University (KPU)

To open an Educational Center through involving variety of funds and financial organizations.

To support further development of automobile technology as well as business between Uzbekistan and South Korea.

February 22, 2011


Seoul National University Establishment of an academic and research partnership for joint researches and education in the field of future intellectual transportation systems in order to create conditions for sustainable safety of people and the environment. August 30, 2012 www.useoul.edu
Bauhaus-Universität Weimar Carrying out joint scientific-research project «Predictive analyze of seismic risks and probabilistic catastrophes on the basis of European Norms» July, 2013 www.uni-weimar.de

University of Hohenheim

To search a mutual interest in research projects, establishing contacts between scientists of the universities, developing and participating in research projects. As a part of the project, development of research and educational laboratories of TTPU are being implied.

To establish student exchange programs and also trainings for administrative staff and professors.

Signing a contract is in process.


Osnabrück University

Joint development of project proposals for participating in international projects (Erasmus+, and others).

To organize and implement exchange programs for students as well as for administrative staff and teachers.

Signing a contract is in process. www.uni-osnabrueck.de

Technische Universität Braunschweig

Opening a wide range of opportunities for students in order to enhance the education system and support further development of two universities.

To develop student exchange programs and other research scientific joint projects.

Signing a contract is in process. www.tu-braunschweig.de

Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute of Management

To strengthen the relations between India and Uzbekistan. Cooperation in diverse internationally recognized grants as well as scientific research projects.   www.lbsim.ac.in

Hanyang University


International Collaboration on student, teacher exchange and to carry out mutually beneficial joint scientific research. March 24, 2014 www.hanyang.ac.kr/english/

Gifu National College of Technology


Development of academic exchange and cooperation in education and research between the two institutions. June 25, 2014 www.gifu-nct.ac.jp/
CLAAS GmbH & Co. KGaA Germany Establishment of Training-Service Center for users of CLAAS machines. October,2013 www.claas.com
Hexagon Metrology S.P.A. Italy-Germany Cooperation in the area of applied metrology and make the efforts for its further development. June 25, 2010 www.hexagonmetrology.com
GIZ Regional Program Development of cooperation in the fields of education, research, knowledge management and exchange of experiences. December 1, 2010 www.giz.de
“Ideal PLM CIS” Company Limited Cooperation, collaboration and advancement of SIEMENS PLM-technologies software among manufacturing companies the automobile industry of the Republic of Uzbekistan on the basis of TTPU. September 5, 2011 www.ideal-plm.ru
GÜHRIN oHG Establishment of Training and Service Center “Metal Working” August 31, 2012 www.guehring.de


Program Acronym and Name of the Project Project objective Beginning Ending The contact person

ECCUM – Establishment of Computing Centers and Curriculum Development in Mathematical Engineering

- To study the experience of European universities in field of teaching master programme on Mathematical Engineering and analyze the needs of interested enterprises in given direction of specialist training;

- To elaborate and license with the Ministry of Education curriculum and programmes of the disciplines;

- To set up computing facilities in each partner university from Central Asia and set up the platform of collaboration between the universities;

- To train teachers and increase their professional skills of using software and their pedagogical skills of teaching in English language

- To elaborate the website of master programme and date base of workgroup and teachers.

15.10.2015 14.10.2018

Farkhad Niyazov



TERSID – Technical Education on Resource Savings for Industrial Development

TERSID is a Regional project, to be carried out in Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan, focused on the renewal of some academic curricula for the engineering field, to introduce more modern and efficient technologies to be adopted for saving of natural resource (raw materials, fossil fuels, water) as prevention action, or for wastewaters, solid wastes and air pollutant treatment as reduction action. 15.10.2011 14.10.2015

Franco Lombardi



ARCADE – Academic Relationship for Central Asia with Destination Europe

Student Mobility from Central Asian countries to Europe in order to study or research. It is open to undergraduate, graduate, doctoral and post-doctoral students and scholars and to staff. 15.10.2011 14.10.2014

Farkhad Niyazov




TIMUR –Training of Individuals through Mobility from Uzbek Republic to EU

Fostering structured cooperation between European and Uzbek higher education institutions, to improve the networking and to promote knowledge exchange between the public and private sectors as well as between industry and research. 01.07.2013 30.06.2017

Farkhad Niyazov




Introduction of new Master program and Doctoral courses in Mechatronics in Uzbekistan.

1. Develop 8 new MSc courses and 3 PhD courses at 5 Uzbek universities (BTI, FPI, NMI, TARI, TPU) in Mechatronics and control engineering.

2. Introduce new teaching methodologies aiming at elaborating more interaction between teachers and students.

3. Establish the Mechatronics labs at BTI, FPI, NMI, TARI, TPU.

4. Build strong academic capacity in Mechatronics at 5 Uzbek universities.

5. Establish long term links between BTI, FPI, NMI, TARI, TPU and corresponding industries (NMZ, NPP, UZAVTO, GM-PT, JV TAPO-DISK, UZSUNGWOO) in Uzbekistan.

6. Attract PhD students to join the Mechatronics group to work as teaching assistants for the courses.

01.12.2013 30.11.2016

Farkhad Niyazov


For future partners

Turin Polytechnic University in Tashkent (TTPU) is the first International University in Uzbekistan on engineering sciences. There are currently around 750 students enrolled. The University excels in the fields of Mechanical Engineering, Architecture and Civil Engineering, Energy Engineering and Computer Engineering in accordance with the educational programmes approved in Turin Polytechnic University (the Italian Republic).

TTPU is the one of the youngest Universities in Uzbekistan, in spite of it, TTPU has actively been cooperating with International Organizations and Universities since opening. The University is constantly increasing international partnerships. Recent activities include Tempus, Erasmus Mundus, and other educational and research projects which are intended to increase cooperation with partner universities and organizations.

From partner organizations we would look for:

  • Partnership in developing new academic and research projects, etc;
  • Establishing Joint Training Centers and Research Laboratories;
  • Organizing student mobility through European or other mobility programs
  • Partnership in exchange of staff members (for a short and long time period)
  • Partnership in exchange of guest lecturers
  • Developing Joint Degree programmes

We are always open for cooperation! You can contact us: тел. +998-71-246-30-67

Department of International Affairs

Tel/fax: +998-71-246-30-67

E-mail: f.niyazov@polito.uz