1. What faculties there are at the TTPU?

There are 4 faculties in our university:

1) Mechanical engineering

2) Energy engineering

3) Industrial and Civil Engineering and Architecture

4) Information technologies and programming in Industry


2. What is the study language in TTPU?

All study programs in TTPU are in English 


3. Who teach at the university?

Teachers are mostly Italian Professors in association with Uzbek Professors


4. Why the name of university is Turin?

The home university is Italian Turin Polytechnic University This University was founded in 1906 and it is on the 1st place among Italian technical universities and on the 7th place in the ranking of the strongest technical universities in Europe.


5. How much is the tuition fee?

USD 4950 per academic year, payable in Uzbek Sums at the exchange rate of the Central Bank of Uzbekistan.


6. Can I pay for the tuition partially?

Yes, you can pay for each semester separately.


7. How many grants are offered at the entrance exam?

According to the study results of the first semester and after successful interview, selected students receive grants from large businesses and organizations. The students receiving these grants are exempted from the tuition fee for the whole study period, but they may be obliged to work for the sponsoring company after graduation for certain period of time, in agreement between student and company.


8. Is there any other financial support for studies at TTPU?

Top students with the highest academic performance (grades) may receive Academic scholarship, on condition that university finds it necessary, which will exempt the students from the full or the half of the tuition payment for the following study period.



9. Will the University admit the applicants additionally whose ranks fell below the selected number of applicants/ admission quota of TTPU?

Yes. The applicants, who fell in the rank just below the admission quota/limit, might be included later in the admission list, if some of the already admitted students do not wish to study at TTPU. In any case, TTPU will keep the applicants informed about this matter.


10. How can I apply for admission if I do not have IELTS (5.0 or higher) certificate, or if I do not have enough time to get IELTS certificate before the admission deadline?

You can provide confirmation letter for the IELTS and the certificate may be submitted before the beginning of academic year.


11. Does the “Rank” in the admission exam results, mean my total score?

The “Rank” means your ranking in your direction of study and it is determined based on your total score of the written Physics and Math examinations.


12. Do the students get the monthly stipend?

The University does not provide monthly scholarship for students, but if students succeed in passing all the exams in their academic load, university partially covers the expenditures of students in accordance with their grade obtained in the last semester.  


13. I have been admitted to ME faculty, but I want to study at CIE faculty. Can I change the faculty in the 1st semester?

TTPU allows students, provided that the university academic board finds it possible, to change their faculty when becoming 3rd year.


14.  What is the level of difficulties of Math and Physics examinations?

The candidate knowledge will be assessed by a set of online tests with multiple-choice answers, featuring a difficulty level that is adequate to the secondary school programs.


15. Does TTPU provide dormitory?

Yes, university can provide male students with accommodation in the dormitory.  


16. Does TTPU send its students to Italy for study programs?

TTPU was originally created, not with a purpose of sending the students to Italy, but to bring the world class academic standards and study opportunities of the prestigious Italian University to Uzbekistan. However, students can participate exchange programs that are available at the university.

TTPU cooperates with universities in Italy, Germany, Japan and Russia at the moment. Every year, students from TTPU are able to study at the universities in aforementioned countries under various exchange programs.


17. Are all scores of IELTS  acceptable for application? Is there a validity period?

TTPU, in order to admit applicants to the Bachelor and Master of Science programs require them to achieve the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) Academic certificate (an internationally accepted test, aimed at the University environment) with the minimum score of 5.0. Only valid certificated are accepted for Bachelor of Science program.

Yes, there is. Therefore, we would recommend you to check the date of issuance of IELTS score.



18. Which documents and when should I give for admission in TTPU?

STEP 1 On-line Application: Acceptance period is from April 1st to June 24th 16:00.

Step 1 is mandatory and applicants cannot go on to step 2, if step 1 is not fulfilled!

STEP 2 Submission of paper documents: Acceptance period is from May 1st to June 24th 18:00.


The Applicant must submit, provide, and/or show the following documents to the Admission Committee:

  • Submit the paper application form, provided at the front desk by the Admission Office: it must be properly filled in and originally signed by the Applicant, in front of an Authorized member of the Admission Committee;
  • Show the original Passport (with copy);
  • Provide the Health certificate 086-Y form (with copy) – original will be returned;
  • Provide 4 color photos 3 x 4 ( printed and electronic version);
  • Provide the Military status certificate (with copy) – original will be returned;
  • Provide 1 paper folder, large envelop;
  • Submit Secondary Education Certificate (college or lyceum certificate/ diploma), if Diploma is not yet available – Certificate of graduation (original and one copy) / original will be returned;
  • IELTS certificate (5.0 band or higher) or a proof of the registration to the IELTS.

Paper documents should be submitted to the Admission Committee at the Turin Polytechnic University in Tashkent, Kichik Halqa Yuli str. 17, Tashkent 100095, Uzbekistan.