Dear International students,

Turin Polytechnic University in Tashkent (TPUT) is welcoming you and wish you productive study and a great experience! Every new academic year offers new opportunities for academic and student growth, and we are looking forward to encouraging you along this exciting journey of learning and discovery.

The profession of an engineer has historically been very promising and in demand. It was scientists with engineering skills that were the most sought after since ancient times.

The engineers and architects who designed and built the ancient Egyptian pyramids and medieval buildings supervised the construction of dams and canals, left a significant mark in history, creating amazing scientific and engineering structures, which we never cease to amaze and admire.

Turin Polytechnic University in Tashkent is a technical university specializing in training engineers for the automotive industry, architecture and civil engineering, information technology and automated control systems.

The training takes place in the most modern conditions, using the latest advanced methods developed by Italian colleagues from the Turin Polytechnic University (POLITO, Italy).

All study programs at TPUT are similar to those taught at POLITO (Italy).

As part of the training at our university, BSc students can intern for 1-2 semesters in foreign universities, as well as participate in the implementation of local and foreign grants.

Duration of study at our university: for BSc studies – 3 years, for MSc studies – 2 years.

MSc students study for 2 semesters at POLITO in the Exchange Program.

We offer you study, social, cultural environment and activities in our diverse academic community. We are inviting you to start your professional path with us and become a valuable member of our proud and creative academic community!


Dear prospective international students,

You have made one of the best decisions of your life to join Turin Polytechnic University in Tashkent (TPUT).

We will be delighted to accept you as a new member of the TPUT Community and are waiting to welcome you to Uzbekistan, the land of warmth and hospitality, a treasury of architectural monuments, the center of ancient cities, one of the centers of the legendary Silk Road.

We are located in the city of Tashkent, which is a cultural center of Uzbekistan.

We are here to help, assist and guide you from your journey from home to your new home for study.

So let us guide you step by step on how to get enrolled on a TPUT program, complete the visa process and eventually arrive at Uzbekistan and join TPUT as a valued international student.



Our highly qualified the admission office and the International Department (ID) will advise you on each step of your enrollment process in our university.

STEP #1 – On-line Application

The Online application form is available at: —->>>




Step #1 is mandatory and applicants cannot proceed to step 2, if step 1 is not completed!

STEP #2 – In order to ensure the transparency of the admission process, during the quarantine, after completing step 1 applicant must send the electronic copy of his/her passport to

Period of Registration

On-line test


The Online Test consists of:

Mathematics: 18 questions (time: 40 minutes)

Comprehension: 6 questions (time: 12 minutes)

Logic: 6 questions (time: 12 minutes)

Physics: 12 questions (time: 26 minutes)

The full online test consists of 42 questions and will last 90 minutes. Each question has 5 possible choices, but only one of them is correct.

Every question carries:

1 point – if it is correct (you get 1 point)

-0.25 points – if it is wrong (you loose -0.25 points)

0 points – if it is left blank (you do not loose any points)


All the questions will be in English!



Exemptions from the admission test 

This information is intended for applicants from foreign countries, who have certificates listed below. A score equal to or higher than a given threshold is set.

Applicants, who score very high marks in the Admission Test, are allowed to skip the Preparatory Year and given the opportunity to be enrolled in the First Level (= Second Year), provided that the language requirements discussed below are satisfied. The applicant has the right to refuse this opportunity and continue his/her studies from the Preparatory Year.

The final decision is made by the Admission Committee coordinated by the Vice-Rector on Academic and Scientific Matters. For countries, where Admission Test to University is compulsory, it is necessary to attach a certificate confirming that the exam is passed.

Certificates considered equivalent to the admission test (the following number refers to the grading equal to or higher than the threshold: 60/100)

GRE (General Test) with a minimum score of 153 in the “Verbal” section and 144 in “Quantitative” section and any score in the “Analytical Writing” section

GMAT with a minimum score of 500 in the two sections “Verbal” and “Quantitative”, with any score in the “Analytical Writing” section.

SAT: SAT Reasoning test (section “Evidence-Based Reading and Writing” and section “Math” with a minimum score of 500 points in each section) and SAT Subject Test (section “Physics Level 1 or 2” and section “Mathematics Level 1 or 2” with a minimum score of 500 points in each section). The two sections “Evidence-Based Reading and Writing” and “Math” of the SAT Test can be replaced by the ACT Test with a minimum score of 20.


English Language certificate

The minimum IELTS (academic) requirement for enrollment in the Preparatory Year of the Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) programs at TTPU is IELTS 4.5. DUE TO THE COVID-19 LOCKDOWN APPLICANTS ACCEPTED TO PREPARATORY YEAR CAN SUBMIT THEIR IELTS SCORE WITHIN THE YEAR OF ADMISSION.

IELTS (academic) 5.5 or higher is mandatory to progress to the First Level of the Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) programs at TTPU. DUE TO THE COVID-19 LOCKDOWN APPLICANTS ACCEPTED TO THE FIRST LEVEL CAN SUBMIT THEIR IELTS SCORE BY THE END OF 2020.

The equivalent English Language Certificates and exemption cases can be found at


Date of examination


07.07 –

в 11:00 и в 14:00 (местное время)

Exam results

Applicants will know their results soon after the end of the online test. The full list of the candidates ranked with the percentage of their results will be announced within a week after the admission test. 

Further instructions will be shown on the test results page.


Tuition fee

The tuition fee per 1 Academic Year for all courses of the Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) is 3 300 (three thousand three hundred) EURO.


Visa  policies

Please, see all information on the webpage “Visa&Registration”.



We strongly advise you to arrange your own accommodation in advance.


Before Arrival

Please inform us about your exact arrival plan—Day, date, time, airline, flight number. Please study in advance policy for international citizens in Uzbekistan and life about Tashkent.


After arrival

Provide contact information address of stay, home and mobile phone numbers, e-mail (office 503)


A foreign student should know:

o          A student bears responsibility for abuse of Republic of Uzbekistan Laws and/or these Rules, including financial liability (payment of a fine)

o          All expenses related to staying in Republic of Uzbekistan are paid by students themselves.