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General Chemistry

2017Dr.Sci., National University of Uzbekistan
1996-2000Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Chemistry,Institute of Polymer Chemistry and Physics, Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan
1991-1996Spetsialist (analogue to Master of Science degree),Department of Chemistry, Samarkand State University

Jan 2012-nowAssociate Professor, Turin Polytechnic University in Tashkent
Sept. Dec.-2011Erasmus Mundus FAME Scholar, Institute of Material Science, Technical University of Darmstadt, Germany
May 2010-Apr. 2011Program Specific Researcher, Department of Chemistry, Kyoto University,  Japan
January 2009 – now (part-time work)Senior Researcher, Lecturer, Department of Chemistry, National University of Uzbekistan
Jan 2007-Dec 2008INTAS Post-doc fellow – Research Visitor, 
Nanomaterials Group, Chemistry Division, University of Surrey, Guildford, Surrey, UK

July 2004 - December 2006

Research Scientist, Scientific-Technological Complex “Science and Progress” at the Tashkent State Technical University

January 2000 - June 2004Junior Researcher, Institute of Polymer Chemistry and Physics, Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan

2018 Scopus Award “Top Researcher in Engineering and Technologies”, Elsevier
2017 Erasmus Mundus FAME Master Program Scholar Grant, Germany
2016 Humboldt Foundation Program Researcher, TU Darmstadt, Germany
2015 Erasmus Mundus AMASE Master Program Scholar Grant, Greece
2015 Third country Scholar Grant awarded by EU Erasmus Mundus MESC Master Program, France
2014 Third country Scholar Grant awarded by EU Erasmus Mundus FAME Master Program,
2012 Analytical Skills Course trainee supported by the Organization for the Prohibition of
Chemical Weapons (OPCW), Netherlands - Ukraine.
2011 Third country Scholar Grant awarded by EU Erasmus Mundus FAME Master Program
2009 Matsumae Fellowship awarded by Matsumae International Foundation Fellowship,
2007 INTAS Young Scientist Fellowship awarded by European Community INTAS Program,
2005 NATO ARW Workshop Grant, Ukraine
2005 Best Poster Award of NATO Advanced Research Workshop on Combined and Hybrid
Adsorbents: Fundamentals and Applications, Kiev, Ukraine.
2005 CRDF Travel Grant, NSTI Bio Nano Conference and Trade Show, May 8-12, 2005,
Anaheim, CA, USA
2003 CRDF Travel Grant, International Symposium on Polymer Analysis and
Characterization, Baltimore, USA
2002 INTAS Travel Grant, International summer school "New Functional materials in
chemical analysis", 21-25 September 2002, Kiev, Ukraine.
2002 COBASE Grant awarded by National Research Council/National Science Foundation,
1999 Young Scientist Award (2nd Award in Chemistry and Chemical Technology),


Professional Affiliations:

International Sol-Gel Society (2003-)

Japanese Sol-Gel Society (2009-)
European Ceramic Society (2013-)

American Ceramic Society (2011-)
Ceramic Society of Japan (2012-)

Uzbekistan National Scientific Society (2000-)


Professional Activities (Journal Reviewer):

Journal of American Ceramic Society

Journal of Hazardous Materials
Journal of the European Ceramic Society

Journal of Molecular Catalysis A: Chemical.
Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids

Journal of Alloys and Compounds
Nanoscale Materials Letters
Journal of Materials Science

Journal of Sol-Gel Science and Technology
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces Microporous and Mesoporous Materials
Applied Catalysis B:Environmental Uzbekistan

Journal of Chemistry
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Sol-Gel technology
Porous materials

Hybrid organic-inorganic nanostructured materials
Energy-related materials

Environmental materials

UV and Visible-light-driven photocatalysts

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