There is no place for extremism and terrorism in Islam!

In our country, large-scale efforts are being made to preserve the purity of our sacred religion, to create new mosques and madrassas and to study the scientific heritage of great philosophers who have made a huge contribution to the development of Islamic culture. Unfortunately, nowadays, while there are forces that aimed to achieve their goals through various conflicts, actions that create conflicting situations will continue to be perceived. Even in the 21st century, when the ideological struggle escalates, peace and tranquility become a dream for many countries. An example of this can be the bloody conflict that took place in 2011–2016 in some Arab countries as a result of the political crisis and is still being continued. It is not a secret that in these countries the massacres, murdering innocent people during the so-called “Arab spring”, are mainly religious forces used by extremist movements and terrorist groups.
On the 20th of February of this year, a round table was held at the Turin Polytechnic University in Tashkent on the topic “There is no place for extremism and terrorism in Islam” and “Information attack on social networks”.
The welcome speech of the event was spoken by Vice-Rector on Working with Youth Alisher Ashurov. In his speech, he talked about the threats of religious extremism and terrorism to the international community, about protecting young people from such dangers, about ensuring peace and stability and preserving the sacred religion in our country. The main tool of religious and extremist organizations to achieve their goals using modern information communications, promoting Internet sites in different languages and creating virtual communities, which is based on a well-developed strategy. The growing popularity of such forums, turning into fanaticism especially among young people, testifies to the seriousness of the problem. In addition, mobile messengers, which serve as a bridge to social networks, greatly facilitate their work.
The main purpose of this event was to familiarize young people about the threat of religious extremism and terrorism and to create immunity against destructive ideas to counter these forces when its necessary.
The next speech man was Dilafruz Turdieva, a teacher at the International Islamic Academy of Uzbekistan. In her speech, Dilafruz Turdieva informed students about religious extremism and terrorism, becoming a global problem nowadays, which manifests itself in various forms, about a number of terrorist organizations disguising the Islamic religion, and about their movements. She also encouraged students to be vigilant and aware of the threats posed by various religious extremist organizations. Due to the activity of terrorist organizations on Internet sites and social networks, she accented the need for caution.
The Internet is the result of the evolution of science and technology. Today it is impossible to imagine life without the Internet. The global network is becoming more significant, especially in the lives of young age. Thanks to the Internet, it is becoming much easier for people from different parts of the world to interact and share information. According to statistics, a huge number of Internet users in the world are young age people from 21 to 30 years. According to Dilafruz Turdieva, day by day the number of Internet users in Uzbekistan is increasing.
At the end of the event, students had the opportunity to get answers to all the interested questions.

Remembering the great poets …

These days, events dedicated to the birthdays of two great ancestors of poetry: the founder of Uzbek classical literature, Hazrat Nizomiddin Mir Alisher Navoi and the great king and poet Zahiriddin Muhammed Babur – are widely celebrated in all educational institutions. In particular, on the 13th of February of this year, an evening of creativity took place at the Turin Polytechnic University in Tashkent called “Remembering the Great Poets”.

The event was attended by Afzal Rafikov, National artist of Uzbekistan, who contributed to the Uzbek dubbing for more than 1000 films. In addition, an event was attended by teachers and students of the academic lyceum at the Turin Polytechnic University in Tashkent, university staff, teachers and students.

The event was opened by Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs Igor Semone Stievano. Igor Semone Stevano acquainted the students with the life and work of Navoi and Babur, their artistic and scientific heritage, and spoke with admiration about the respect given to the great ancestors in the country and their role in enriching the imagination of the young generation. At the end of his speech, the vice-rector spoke a poem translated from the “Alisher Navoi Gazelle” into English.

The literary part of the event began with gazelles and rubies of priceless figures of spirituality and literature of Mir Alisher Navoi and Zakhiriddin Muhammad Babur, represented by talented university students.

The priceless works of geniuses have become the property of mankind thanks to their spiritual depth and artistic excellence. Students also presented a sketch of the drama of Uygun “Alisher Navoi” and Khurshid Davron “Baburshokh”. These performances show the enormous significance of works of art, the artistic nature, deep philosophy, educational significance, the spirit of patriotism and commitment to the country, the strengthening of a sense of kindness and mutual respect.

One of the highlights of the event was a video about the golden heritage of the World of Alisher Navoi and Zakhiriddin Muhammad Babur from the university administration, teachers and students.

The main speaker in the event was Afzal Rafikov, who noted that studying the heritage of our great-grandfathers is a great honor. The exemplary life of Alisher Navoi and Zakhiriddin Muhammad Babur, their versatile creativity and outstanding works on the development of science still amaze the world. We are all inspired by such ideas as the beautiful artistic expression of the human spirit, spiritual perfection, peace and prosperity, interethnic harmony and prosperity of the country.

Any studies about their life and creations, this is not enough. When we study gazelles and poems, love for their creations grows. In his speech, A. Rafikov mentioned that playing the role of A. Navoi, it appears the pride in his heart.

After the words of the king of dubbing, the Tanovar dance, prepared by university students, added color to the event.

The end of the creative evening was presented to Sultanov Mansur Kilikovich, the head of the educational-methodical department. In his speech, he thanked all the guests and representatives of the university for their contribution to the event.

А youth event in the Tashkent Botanical Garden

On the 8th of February of this year, it was held a youth event in the Tashkent Botanical Garden. The event included masterclasses, performances, contests and exhibitions of all Tashkent high educational institutions.

Students of Turin Polytechnic University in Tashkent presented their robotic developments and technical projects like 3D-printer, Humanoid robot and an unmanned aerial vehicle.

In addition, many young people interested in our university had the opportunity to receive information about university education, opportunities and entrance exams.

“DUBAI EXPO – 2020” is waiting for you !!!

Competition of startup projects and ideas is announced!

If you are young, creative and full of energy, then you have a chance to take part in the international exhibition “Dubai Expo – 2020” with your innovative ideas and projects.

Take part in the competition of innovative start-up projects conducted by the “Business Incubator” of the Turin Polytechnic University in Tashkent in the following areas:

1.”Automotive and mechanical engineering”;
3.”Information Technology”;
4.”Architecture and construction”;
6.”Light industry”;
8.”Medicine and pharmaceuticals”;
9.”Sport and physical education”

Each innovative project will be considered directly with the participation of the author of the project, the best of which will be financed by the University’s “Business Incubator” and will subsequently be presented at the Dubai Expo – 2020 international exhibition.

To take part in the competition, you just need to send the name of the project, its brief description, name of participant and a phone number by e-mail to business.incubator@polito.uz or by telegram messenger to @businessincubator by March 10, 2020.

Turin Polytechnic University in Tashkent and the joint-stock company «O’ZAGROTEXSANOATXOLDING” are conducting joint works.

A branch of the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Aerospace Engineering of Turin Polytechnic University (TTPU) was established on the territory of the Design and Technology Center for Agricultural Machinery of the Tashkent Agricultural Mechanical engineering Plant of the “O’ZAGROTEXSANOATXOLDING” Joint-Stock Company.

For lectures, practical and laboratory work, a room is allocated, equipped with desks, chairs, video projectors and demonstration materials. A list of more than 80 modern educational and scientific literature in the industry has been compiled and purchase orders have been placed.

For 4-year students (40 students) studying at TPUT in the field of mechanical engineering technology, the lesson schedule for the course until the end of the 2019-2020 academic year was approved in the subject “Testing of agricultural techniques and technologies”.

In order to conduct laboratory and practical classes at the branch, two professors and teachers of TTPU and two leading employees of the Tashkent Agricultural Equipment Plant are involved.

A list of problematic topics and projects for joint research of practical and innovative projects for 2019-2020 is being formed in collaboration with the Department of Engineering Technologies and Aerospace Engineering, TTPU, Turin Invest Engineering LLC and the “O’ZAGROTEXSANOATXOLDING” Joint-Stock Company.

2 researchers and 2 doctoral students of TPUT will perform dissertation works, as well as 10 of 4-year students will perform final qualification works on problematic issues of “O’ZAGROTEXSANOATXOLDING” Joint-Stock Company, where 5 qualified employees of the enterprise are involved in their scientific management.

For lectures, practical classes and summer internships for students on the territory of the Tashkent Center for the Design and Technology of Agricultural Machinery, visual models of tractors and agricultural machines, including cotton assembly parts, were provided.

In order to ensure activity in the joint-stock company “O’ZAGROTEXSANOATXOLDING”, 6 professors and teachers of TPUT took part in an interview, among which Mirzaliev Sanzhar was hired as deputy head of the department of innovation and investment projects and localization, Tajiev Zafar as a leading engineer and Khakimzhanov Ruslan as a leading specialist of the production planning department.

Family is the foundation of society  


Many people, especially women, mistakenly believe that the higher the cost of a party at weddings, family events and ceremonies, the better their relationship with the bride. The growth of the aforementioned negative consequences had a profound effect not only on the social status of thousands of families but also on their entire lives, as well as on the spiritual environment in our society. In order to eliminate these situations and strictly regulate weddings, family celebrations and ceremonies, stabilize the social and spiritual atmosphere in families, ensure social justice in society, and create a culture of salvation of the population, especially youth, on September 14, 2019, it was approved the Regulation “On the Procedure for Family Weddings, anniversary celebrations, family memorial rites and events dedicated to the memory of the dead” at a joint meeting of the Senate and the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis of Uzbekistan, which entered into force in January of this year.

  1. Aripova continued her speech, presenting two important laws of the President of our Republic as a vivid example of attention to women:
  2. Law No. 561 of September 2, 2019, on the Protection of Women from Harassment and Violence
  3. Law No. 562 of September 2, 2019, On Gender Equality of Women and Men

“Domestic violence” is one of the most common crimes in the world. In most cases, women suffer from this crime. That is why countries and international organizations pay particular attention to protecting women’s rights.

“The law prohibits all forms of violence against people, including women. However, most Uzbek women do not turn to anyone, even if their rights have been violated by their spouse or their parents. As a result, the situation becomes more complicated and unpleasant. To prevent this, Centers for the Social Adaptation of Women were created in the regions. Their main task is to rehabilitate and adapt victims of violence and prevent suicides, identify and solve the problems of women who have been tortured in public life, family or others, to take regular preventive measures to prevent further adverse events, to identify dysfunctional family, family living out of wedlock or a family in which husbands have two or three wives, as well as to prevent their future crimes and offenses, ”said O. Aripova.

On the second question, Senior Colonel O. Matchonova, Senior Inspector for Women of the Almazar District Department of Internal Affairs, began her talk about early divorces. In recent years, the problem of divorce has become one of the most pressing problems in our society. Tashkent is currently the leader in family divorces throughout the country.

Since ancient times, the family was respected as a sanctuary, and it was protected from extraneous influences. When it comes to oriental upbringing, Uzbek families have always been exemplary. Unfortunately, today due to the lack of spirituality of adults, their attempts at self-expression and unreasonable interference in the lives of young families, the number of divorces is increasing, the family is falling apart and the children are left without parents.

Since the relations of the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, early marriages, the intervention of adults or third parties in the lives of young people, as well as incompatibility lead to the breakup of young families, O. Matchonova noted in her speech on the activities of the relevant authorities that prepare young people for family life, help restoration of family relations and prevent family divorces, illegal and early marriages.

In order to determine the opinions and suggestions of students on this topic, they were asked questions and meetings continued in the form of discussions. During the conversation, students also asked the speakers their questions and received the necessary answers.

Summing up, it should be noted that the future of our society depends on the strength of the family. In this regard, each of us should become an example in the family and raise children so that they feel responsible and protect their family from everything that could become a threat. After all, a healthy family is the beginning of upbringing right generation and creating a strong family.

The new book titled “GLASS from sand to glass-ceramics through the Silk Road”

Short annotation

TTPUThe new book titled “GLASS from sand to glass-ceramics through the Silk Road” has been issued a few weeks ago in Italy by CLUT publisher (www.clut.it). The book was co-authorized by professor  Massimo Tomalino from Politecnico di Torino along with professor Dilshat Tulyaganov from Turin Polytechnic University in Tashkent. This is the second book of the authors while the first one titled “Porcelain from tableware to dental restoration has been issued by the same publisher in 2017.

The first part of the book “GLASS from sand to glass-ceramics through the Silk Road” deals with the development of glass since its origin in Mesopotamia many millennia ago to modern time across the Roman and Medieval Ages, with emphasis on its importance in arts, architecture and history of science. A fascinating (virtual) travel along the Silk Route is also proposed to the Reader: in this regard, the different uses of glass in the Western and Eastern countries of Eurasia are acutely related to different visions of the world. Thus, the story of glass is presented to be tightly interlocked with the people’s historical, religious and social events over the centuries.



The second part focuses on glass science and technology, with emphasis on the fundamentals of glass structural theories, the methods for silicate glass and glass-ceramic production, and the analysis of the composition-property-function relationships. A special section is dedicated to the use of glasses in medicine.

The timeline of glass development across history is provided at the end of the book, where an exhaustive chronological table collects the main achievements of glass evolution and impacts on mankind.

This book provides a valuable, interdisciplinary, rigorous but easy-to-follow overview of glass history, science, technology and applications that can be useful to a broad readership, including undergraduate and graduate students, scholars, researchers from academia and industry, and all those who simply love glass and wish to learn more about it.



New study program in space systems and communication engineering

TTPUA research project related to an artificial earth satellite has begun at the Turin Polytechnic University in Tashkent.

Since November 15, 2019, the Turin Polytechnic University (TTPU) in collaboration with several international and local universities, within the framework of the European program Erasmus +, launched the project “New study program in space systems and communication engineering” – SPACECOM).



TTPUOn November 20, all partner universities met at the Tashkent University of Information Technology (TUIT). European partners from Berlin Technical University (Germany) and EXOLAUNCH (Germany) participated also took part in the occasion. During the meeting, the main objectives and conditions of the project were discussed.

The first conference on this project is scheduled for March 4, 2020, at TUIT.

Photo report from the first republican competition from the GRBS team and Turin Polytechnic University in Tashkent

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