O‘zbekistonda ilk bor Toshkent shahridagi Turin Politexnika universiteti talabalari tomonidan ishlab chiqarilgan CubeSat (nano sun’iy yo‘ldosh) kosmosga uchiriladi.

CubeSat stratosferada havo namligi, shamol tezligi, havoning ifloslanish darajasi to‘g‘risidagi va boshqa turdagi ma’lumotlarni onlayn tarzda uzatadi, universitetda joylashtirilgan ma’lumotlarni qabul qiluvchi stansiyada uzatilgan ma’lumotlar tahlil qilinadi. Shuningdek, CubeSat uchishi davomida video tasvirlar onlayn tarzda uzatiladi, ushbu ma’lumotlar yordamida kelgusida geo axborot tizimlari yo‘nalishidagi tadqiqotlarda foydalaniladi. Ushbu tadbirda ishtirok etish uchun sizni Toshkent shahridagi Turin Politexnika universitetiga 2021 yil 17 sentabr kuni ertalab soat 05:30 ga taklif qilamiz.

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Admission Test (Phase-3) Results are announced!

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Dear Applicants, CONGRATULATIONS ON THE SUCCESSFUL PASSING OF THE ADMISSION TEST for the Academic Year 2021-2022! Please pay particular attention to this official announcement! Based on the results of the Third Entrance Exams the applicants are divided into four categories: FIRST CATEGORY: Those who scored 40.00 points or greater will be directly enrolled to the First Level (= Second Course). If the applicants DO NOT have IELTS certificate (minimum 5.5 points) they are required to provide an IELTS certificate (minimum 5.5 points) by the end of October, 2021*. Tuition fee for one academic year is 28 500 000 (twenty-eight million five hundred…

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Deadline: 05.10.2021 Turin Polytechnic University in Tashkent ANNOUNCES THE TENDER “Purchase of equipment for furnishing the Scientific and Technical Laboratory” Assessment of the seismic stability of buildings and structures “at the Technopark of Turin Polytechnic University in Tashkent.” The maximum acceptable amount is 500.000 (five hundred thousand) USD. Funding source: Funds resources for the Support of Seismology, Seismic Resistance of Structures and Seismic Safety under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Delivery time: 60 days. Customer: Turin Polytechnic University in Tashkent Customer’s address: 100095, 17, Kichik Halka street, Almazar district, Tashkent, Republic of Uzbekistan. Tel: +998 (71)…


A delegation consisting of representatives of “Allur Group of Companies” visited our university

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The purpose of the visit is to study the positive experience of the system of training specialists in the field of the modern automotive industry at Turin Polytechnic University in Tashkent. During the meetings, it was agreed to cooperate in the field of training in the automotive industry.

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Our dear freshmen!

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From that moment on, you became full members of the large team of the Turin Polytechnic University in the city of Tashkent - one of the leading universities in Uzbekistan. The doors to the world of science and creativity have opened in front of you. It depends only on you which life path you choose and what you will achieve in life. The main thing is to set high goals for yourself and strive for them.As students of the University of Turin, you can study with the best professors and teachers of Italy and Uzbekistan, do science under the guidance…

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Innov action to be step ahead

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Today, August 31st, a representative of the Italian company Danieli Group Lorenzo Mozetic visited our university. During the visit, he invited our graduates to join their company. Danieli Group is an Italian supplier of equipment and physical plants to the metal industry. It is one of the world leaders in the production of steel plants, in particular in the long products segment, where it owns more than a 90% market share.

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Matematik olim “Doʼstlik” ordeni sohibi

Toshkent shahridagi Turin politexnika universitetining tabiiy-matematika fanlari kafedrasi professori Fayazov Qudratillo Sadridinovich “Doʼstlik” ordeni bilan taqdirlandi. Oliy darajali “Doʼstlik” ordeni bilan qardosh xalqlar oʼrtasida koʼp asrlik doʼstlik va qoʼshnichilik munosabatlarini mustahkamlashdagi, jamiyat va xalqlarning birdamligini uygʼunlashtirishdagi, xar tomonlama strategik hamkorlikni rivojlantirishdagi alohida xizmatlari uchun faxrli ustozimiz Fayazov Qudratillo Sadridinovichni bu mukofot bilan universitetimiz jamoasi chin yurakdan tabriklaydi. Vatan taraqqiyoti yoʼlida olib borayotgan faoliyatida ulkan zafarlar tilaymiz.

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Start-up projects are supported!

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As a result of the presentation held at the National Bank of Uzbekistan on August 23, 2021, students of the Turin Polytechnic University in Tashkent received credit from the National Bank for start-up projects. The purpose of the credit is to create the necessary conditions and opportunities for talented young people to fully demonstrate their talents and potential in all areas. Financial support for youth entrepreneurship. Loan amount - up to the equivalent of 100 thousand US dollars. During the presentation, our students provided detailed information about their projects. The projects eligible for loans are: 1. VELOCITY (Rent of the…

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REGULATION ON ADMISSION – THIRD PHASE AND DEADLINES OF SUBMISSION OF DOCUMENTS FOR BACHELOR OF SCIENCE STUDY PROGRAMS IN TURIN POLYTECHNIC UNIVERSITY IN TASHKENT (TTPU) FOR THE ACADEMIC YEAR 2021/2022 CORRESPONDS THE RULES FOR THE FIRST PHASE Date of examination Exam of the third phase will take place tentatively at the beginning of September (the exact date of the exam and the deadline for registration will be announced later).THE REGISTRATION WILL START ON MONDAY, AUGUST 15TH.IMPORTANT NOTE: the eligible applicants participating in the third exam are not allowed to skip PY. The admissions tests will be at the Turin Polytechnic…