Excursion to the Museum of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Uzbekistan

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According to the decision of January 14, 1992 on the transfer of all military units and formations, military educational institutions and other military formations deployed in the territory of our independent state and the development of a long-term program for reforming the national army of the Republic of Uzbekistan, in order to familiarize themselves with the history and achievements of the Armed Forces, it was organized a tour to the State Museum of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Uzbekistan for students of Turin Polytechnic University in Tashkent. During the tour, students were able not only to study the…

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Constructor “Roboland”

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“Roboland” is a constructor with over 200 electronic devices designed to educate young people in electronics and programming. Using these devices, 44 practical projects can be implemented. Mobile phones, turnstile devices, smart thermometers, smart lights, houses, greenhouses – all this is an example of using constructor devices with the use of electronics and programming components. One more example is the dancing “iRobot”, which was also represented at the exhibition. In addition, inside the constructor box, there is a guidebook written in the Uzbek language, which allows students to learn the basics of programming and electronics on their own. It should…

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✅Unique opportunity from 🇮🇹Turino Polytechnic University in Tashkent (TTPU) for all applicants who did not enter universities in September 2019! 🎗A branch of one of the most prestigious European universities - the Turin Polytechnic University, offers for everyone who wants to continue their studies at 🇮🇹TTPU from the second year, in the fall of 2020, on the basis of a partnership agreement between 🇮🇹TTPU and the British 🇬🇧NCC Education campus in Tashkent - GRBS® (License No. KMO 0418 from the Agency for Quality Supervision of Education under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan). Students who began their…


Winter Camp STEM Camp

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‌Students of Turin Polytechnic University in Tashkent, with the support of the Ministry of Innovative Development and the specialized school named after Mirzo Ulugbek, opened the winter camp STEM Camp for children aged 6 to 14 years, starting on the 6th of January of this year. On the 24th of December of last year, a preliminary master class in robotics for children and their parents was held, where participants had the opportunity to get acquainted with the basic knowledge of robotics and the capabilities of the camp, which includes teaching children of the basics of electronics with the help of…

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The scholarship holder of the Federation of Labour Unions of Uzbekistan

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The Federation of Labour Unions of Uzbekistan provides comprehensive support and encouragement of worthy workers and young activists who a worthy contribution to the prosperity of our country, protects their labour and social rights, realizes the talents and abilities of young specialists, as well as a number of social projects aimed at increasing the professional level of employees. On the 25th of December of this year, at the Alisher Navoi State Academic Grand Opera and Ballet Theater, under the motto “Unite for the prosperity of the country!” the Federation of Trade Unions of Uzbekistan summed up the outgoing 2019 year…

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Presentation of the electronic constructor “Deviser”

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On the 19th of December of this year, in order to popularize the startup ecosystem among young people, attract their attention to the field of science and robotics, as well as support projects of young inventors, with the assistance of the Ministry of Innovative Development and the Turin Polytechnic University in Tashkent it was held a presentation of an electronic constructor "Deviser". During the presentation, it was introduced a new way of teaching an applied physics using the elements of electronics called the Deviser constructor. The constructor is composed of instructions and developments in three languages (Uzbek, Russian, English), which…

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