Decent Work and Economic Growth


University expenditure (Uzbek sums)


Number of students with work placements for more than a month


Number of employees


Number of academic staff:


Number of employees on contracts of over 24 month

Lifelong learning opportunities provided

University as a body pay all staff and faculty at least the living wage, defined as the local “living wage” or the local poverty indicator for a family of four

with free access

University as a body recognise unions & labour rights for all, including women & international staff

Policy on discrimination in the workplace

Policy commitment to no forced labour, no modern slavery and no human trafficking, and no child labour

Policy on guaranteeing equivalent rights of workers if/when outsourcing activities to third parties

Policy on pay scale equity including a commitment to measurement and elimination of gender pay gaps

Measure/track pay scale gender equity

Process for employees to appeal on employee rights and/or pay

Regulation of the Rector of Universitas Indonesia Number 033 of 2018 concerning University of Indonesia Resource Management