Reduced InequalitiesReduced Inequalities


Number of students starting a first degree


Number of first generation students starting a first degree


Number of first degree international students from developing


Number of students with disability


Number of employees with disability

Measures against discrimination

Admissions policy which is non-discriminatory or which details and explains the logic for any appropriate positive discrimination policies in admissions, which is publicly posted

Programmes to recruit students/staff/faculty from under-represented groups

Anti-discrimination and antiharassment policies

Diversity and equality committee, office and/or officer (or the equivalent) tasked by the administration or governing body to advise on and implement policies, programmes, and trainings related to diversity, equity, inclusion and human rights on campus

Mentoring/counselling/peer support programmes to support students, staff, faculty from underrepresented groups

Accessible facilities for people with disabilities

Support services for people with disabilities

Access schemes for people with disabilities

Reasonable accommodation policy/strategy implemented, including adequately funded mechanism for persons with disability