Sports Сomplex staff


Abdurakhmanov Khondamir Abduraufovich



Saidova Nigora Irkinovna


Candidate for Master of Sports in Republic of Uzbekistan


Khutin Anatoly Anatolievich


Master of Sports in Republic of Uzbekistan in football


Divin Vangelis Konstantinovich


Master of Sports of the Republic of Uzbekistan in watersports, Second trainer of the national team of the Republic of Uzbekistan in water polo


Gospodarchuk Yuriy Mikhailovich

Honored football trainer of Republic of Uzbekistan



University Sports Complex

The Sports Complex with a swimming pool was commissioned in February 2011 and transferred to the operational management of the Turin Polytechnic University in Tashkent.

The total area of ​​the Sports Complex is 8252 sq.m.

Sports arena – 4148 sq.m.

Which includes:

Football field – 2800 sq.m.

Jogging track – 1036 sq.m.

Volleyball court – 162 sq.m.

Basketball court – 325 sq.m.

Grandstands with a total capacity of 360 people

Changing rooms – 2 (total number of seats – 30)


The total area of ​​the Sports Block is – 4104 sq.m.

Wrestling hall – 521 sq.m.

Football hall – 1253 sq.m.

Gym – 128 sq.m.

Swimming pool – 275 sq.m.

Changing rooms – 4 (total number of seats – 60)

Administrative premises – 1

Medical center – 1

Technical rooms – 1

Today the Sport complex is developing the following sections of sports:

  • Gym, Fitness
  • Football
  • Mini football
  • Basketball
  • Table tennis
  • Badminton
  • Individual and group training swimming

During their free time, students can practice their chosen sports both individually and in a group. In addition to the abovementioned sections, students can engage in martial arts, chess, volleyball, therapeutic gymnastics, and improve their general physical fitness.

During the academic year, the university regularly organizes competitions, various tournaments and championships that have a beneficial effect on organizing select-teams in a different type of sports.

During the year, the select-teams of the university participate in a various republic mass sports events held among young people and in competitions between universities, such as youth festivals, sports competitions, the open championship of the Republic of Uzbekistan in wrestling and arm wrestling, student league in mini-football, friendly games with other university students.