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Happy New Year!

Dear All!!!

This year was not an easy one for all of us … But at the same time, there were many happy moments. This year we managed to spend more time with our family, take more care of our health and health of all our loved ones! We had to stop some work and move to an online mode.

But by uniting, we were able to achieve almost victory over the coronavirus! It should be noted that our students and staff also became the reason for this achievement with the invention of the artificial lung ventilator the equipping of Volkswagen ambulances with all the necessary equipment. It should also be mentioned that our talented students did not stop working on their projects and participating in competitions on behalf of the university they achieve honorary places. There were also many achievements of professors, graduates and students in terms of scientific and educational spheres. And there were also those who brought so much joy to children and taught them new skills by creating an innovative camp.
In general, most of the kindest of you, being a part of the charity project, have become a great support in the life of one girl with cancer. As well, a lot of memoranda were signed and joint educational programs were launched with foreign universities such as Putra Business School and Pittsburg State University. Moreover, the license received by the university recently is our achievement.

The increased number of freshmen and students in general, as well as the new educational building under construction, demonstrate the prosperity of the university. Also, the TISS incubation center and the Polito Academy preparatory courses at the university have started their activities. If we talk about victories and achievements, then the year was not worse than the previous ones, on the contrary, it was eventful, fruitful and successful, despite the quarantine restrictions.

Dear friends!
Turin Polytechnic University in Tashkent sincerely wishes you Happy New Year! May 2021 be even more successful and happy for all of us. May all our close ones be healthy. Great achievements and heights to you and our University!