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TTPU signed a memorandum of understanding with comprehensive schools

In accordance with the execution of tasks mentioned at the video conference dedicated to the discussion of improving education system, developing science acceleration in our country held by the chairmanship of Sh. M. Mirziyoyev, the president of the Republic of Uzbekistan, and in accordance with Statement #3 of the Working group meeting held on 22 November, 2020 by the leadership of B. A. Musayev, a deputy Prime minister, dedicated to connecting secondary schools with higher educational institutions, Turin Polytechnic University in Tashkent signed a memorandum of understanding with secondary schools No. 312, 78, 14, 203, 129 of Uchtepa district and developed a concept of cooperation with secondary school No. 196 of Almazar district.

✅Now, based on the experience of TTPU, schooling will be improved by:
-teaching advanced teaching methods to the school teachers using university teaching staff potential and experience;
-organizing lectures, seminars as Master class format to increase the school teachers’ language skills on English;
-holding different competitions and subject-olimpiads together;
-establishing cooperation in scientific investigations.