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Enlightenment against ignorance!

The meeting of students with the Imam Khatib of the Mirzogolib Mosque M. Sultankhanov and the senior teacher of the Department of Hadiths and the History of Islam of Tashkent Islamic Institute A. Toshpulatov was held under this name in Turin Polytechnic University in Tashkent.

The event was opened by the vice-rector of TTPU for work with youth A. Ashurov, speaking about the importance of strengthening the spiritual maturity of young people: “To prevent any disease, first of all, the human body develops immunity against it. If we want to educate our youth in the spirit of love for the Motherland, for our rich history, devotion to the religion of our ancestors, we must, first of all, strengthen the ideological immunity in the minds of young people against “mass culture”, various alien ideas, a negative state that contradicts our national spirituality and also contribute to the further development of the spiritual maturity of students through propaganda aimed only at goodness and patriotism”.

The next word was given to A. Toshpulatov: “The most powerful weapon that eliminates ignorance and anger is spirituality and enlightenment, and the best way to achieve this is by reading books”. In his speech, he also stressed the importance of education from an Islamic point of view and the need for both secular and religious knowledge.

In his speech, M. Sultankhanov, drew attention to the influence of mass culture, social networks, which can carry both positive and negative information. He broadly covered the humane essence of the religion of Islam, which reflects such values as nobility, peacefulness and humanity. The lecturer called for a deep study of the rich cultural heritage of our ancestors who made an invaluable contribution to Islamic and world civilization.

During the conversation, the students managed to get answers to all their questions. We hope that the meeting was able to leave its mark on the further development of the spiritual maturity of our students.