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Vacancy for Public Relations Manager

Vacancy for Public Relations Manager

•        Responsible for the internal and external communications of the university, maintaining good relations with media representatives and general public.

•        Preparing promotional articles, press releases, speeches and official responses to the questions posted by media representatives.

•        Monitoring the materials related to the university published in mass media.

•        Communicating with the representatives of the media, organising press conferences and similar media events.

•        Raising brand awareness, number of visitors and visibility on targeted social media and channels.

•        Proposing and developing content creation for blog, social networks and newsletter campaigns.

•        Research and analysis of the potential of online channels.

•        Coordinate the creation of digital content (e.g. website, blogs, press releases and podcasts).

•        Processing interesting topics for readers, viewers at university website.

•        Publishing information in mass media.

•        Managing social networks – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and others.

•        Monitoring discussions, contributions, responding to questions

•        Promotion of activities of the university

•        Creating advertising texts, slogans, and the main ideas of advertising campaigns.

•        Providing linguistic editing of written texts.

•        Execute search keyword discovery and expansion.

•        Perform external back link analysis and provide recommendations.

•        Monitor, track, and report on SEO metrics, including trend analysis, and keyword performance

•        Perform site quality checks, including navigation and broken link analysis of website

Note: Salary is discussed based on the results of the interview

To apply for this opportunity, please send your resume and a cover letter and salary expectations