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“Fight against corruption”

On April 14, 2022, a conversation was held at Turin Polytechnic University among the students on topical issues “Fight against corruption” and “Prevention of crimes and offenses among young people.” The event was attended by an employee of the Anti-Corruption Agency A. Ergashev, inspectors for work with youth of the Almazar district of the Department of Internal Affairs Mayors R.Nasirov and O.Yusupov.
In their speech, the lecturers noted that an important legal framework has been created in our country for combating corruption, as well as to prevent crimes among young people. The nature and content of the adopted laws were explained in detail, as well as their main focus on the inadmissibility of illegal actions and offenses in the development of various spheres of society. During the event, a thematic video was shown calling on young people to be responsible and vigilant, and exhaustive answers were given to the questions asked by young people.