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Discipline is the key to success

On September 14th, a meeting was held between the students in the dormitory and the university administration.

The meeting was attended by the rector J.Sh. Inoyathodjaev, the first vice-rector A. Ashurov, the head of the department of work with youth G.A. Allamova, the adviser to the rector on women and family issues F. Nabikhanova, adviser of rector Boymatov N., tutors of the academic group and residents of the university dormitory.

At the meeting, students were informed in detail about the internal rules of the dormitory, and strict adherence to them was determined. It was emphasized that the student should take care of the dormitory building, property and equipment and keep other areas always clean and orderly.

The students were introduced to the conditions created at the university so that they could spend their free time meaningfully and effectively, and engage in regular sports.