You are currently viewing “We are against violence!” a spiritual and educational event was held at TPUT

“We are against violence!” a spiritual and educational event was held at TPUT

Extensive work is being carried out in our country to strengthen the legal framework for the protection of women’s rights. In particular, the adoption of the Laws “On guarantees of equal rights and opportunities for women and men” and “On protection of women against harassment and violence” have protected the rights and interests of thousands of women, further strengthening their position in society.

On  December 15, 2022, Turin Polytechnic University in Tashkent held a spiritual and educational event named “We are against violence!” as part of the “16 days against violence” campaign.

         At the event, senior inspector of the Almazar district Internal affairs office lieutenant colonels S.S.Melieva, M.Y.Anarbaeva, Y.H.Joraeva, major S.E.Mavlyanova, captain H.N.Berdikulova and senior inspectors at the university lieutenant colonel Sh.N.Yusupov held the event on offences and their prevention and combating violence against women.

        The event was opened by the first vice-rector of the university A. Ashurov, who addressed experts in the field.

        During the event the discussion focused on issues related to increasing women’s public and political participation in our country, women protection from harassment and violence, protection of their legitimate interests and all-round support in strengthening their family situation. Particularly, cases of harassment and violence against women and girls and protection against them, further promotion of women in society and gender equality, procedures for issuing protection orders to harassed and abused persons, rehabilitation and protection centre for women, as well as an exchange of views on offences and crimes committed by young people and their prevention. During the event, short hotline numbers, information about the women’s rehabilitation centre, videos with life examples were shown, and students questions were answered.