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Visit to the “Memorial of Repression’s Victims” museum

In order to spend their free time usefully, students of the Turin Polytechnic University of Tashkent, visited the Museum “Memorial of Repression Victims” under the leadership of the academic group tutor Eshonkulov Mirshod.

During the visit, the students got acquainted with the life, work, and scientific activities of our great enlightened ancestors, such as Abdulla Qadiri, Mahmudhoja Behbudi, Abdulla Avloni, Abdurauf Fitrat, Abdulhamid Cholpon, who sacrificed their lives for the sake of the independence of our country, the preservation of our nation’s pride, its values, and rich spirituality. Each section of the museum is enriched with historical sources presented by the people, families and descendants of the repression victims, and obtained from archival documents in the museum.

Lectures and introductions by the scientific staff of the museum on establishment and historical significance of the memorial complex “Memorial of Martyrs” and the museum “Memorial of Victims of Repression” made a great impression on the students.

Museums have a special role in moral upliftment of the society, education of the young generation in the spirit of respect for national values. Historical sources collected in them, expositions reflecting the past of the people, introduce us to the life, struggle and rich heritage of our ancestors. One of the functions of museums in our social and political life is the center of education and training.