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Cooperation in the field of professional education

On July 11, 2023, representatives of Simson Private Akademie (SPA) Germany, visited TTPU.

During the visit, the parties discussed further cooperation in the field of vocational education and signed a Memorandum of Understanding and an agreement on opening a vocational training program. In particular, TTPU together with German partners agreed to open a program of dual vocational education “1+2”, where students of this program, after one year of training in TTPU, will be sent to Germany to continue their education combining theoretical knowledge with practical skills in various German companies.   It should be noted that the implementation of this project will be improved in cooperation with the Khakimiyat of Almazar district.

According to the proposal, after finishing their studies in Germany, candidates will have an opportunity to work for German industrial companies.

As a start of the project, it was suggested to launch programmes in German language, industrial manufacturing technologies, mechatronics and applied skills including welding, development of electric circuits, etc.