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A roundtable discussion was held among university students

On February 21, 2024, a roundtable discussion was held among female students of Turin Polytechnic University in Tashkent on the topic “Protection from oppression and violence between women and girls and prevention of early childbirth. Specialist of “Oq Yelkan” social protection center participated in round table and shared their knowledge and skills.
First, the lawyer of the center Qurbonali Dadajonov that in recent years, 3 laws, 2 decrees and 6 decisions of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan and more than 20 decisions of the government have been adopted on the issue of social support for women in Uzbekistan, also mentioned the essence of these decisions and decrees.
The speech was continued by F. Nabikhanova, Rector’s adviser on women’s issues. In her speech, she mentioned that the rights of women are protected by the state, which is confirmed in the newly revised Constitution, and strict measures are taken against violence against women.

Olmazor district senior lieutenant O. Ismailova explained the meamimg of Presedential Decree “On equal rights and opportunities for women and men”, and Law “On Protection of Women from Harassment and Violence”. In addition, the students were explained what the protection order is, how it can be used, and what liability issues exist if the conditions of the protection order are violated.

After that, Deniz Mametova, a psychologist of the “Oq Yelkan” social protection center, gave a lecture on gender equality for women and men, as well as harassment and violence against women and children. In addition, it was also mentioned how to provide psychological support to women who have suffered harassment and violence.
Gynecologist of the central multidisciplinary polyclinic Yakubjanova Shahzoda informed the students about how to maintain a healthy lifestyle, reproductive health and negative consequences of early life.
At the end of the roundtable discussion, students’ questions, suggestions and opinions were listened and given answers and instructions.