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Now More TTPU Students May Visit Germany

TTPU’s two representatives made an official visit to Germany in the framework of Erasmus+ Mobility Program to create new opportunities for TTPU students, faculty members and their fellow staff between TTPU and Bauhaus-Universität Weimar.

In doing so, Professor Said-Islom Usmanov, TTPU’s Head of Civil Engineering and Architecture Department and of International Relations, Mr. Khasan Khankeldiyev, met with BAW’s leading professors and key representatives of International Office at Bauhaus-Universität Weimar (BAW) on its main campus, where very productive meetings were held.

Professor S.Usmanov, and Kh.Khankeldiyev, had a pleasure to meet BAW’s leading professor, Lars Abrahamczyk, in his office regarding the expansion of inter-institutional cooperation between two universities, BAW and TTPU.

Seeing the positive development of collaboration and how well students of TTPU complete their courses for the past exchange program in the framework of Erasmus+ Mobility Program, both parties agreed on drafting a new exchange program for more TTPU students to have their studies continued for one semester at BAW. 

TTPU’s Head of International Affairs visiting Weimar (Germany) met with key representatives of International Office at Bauhaus-Universität Weimar (BAW) on its main campus, where a very productive meeting was held.

“The fruitfulness of this meeting,” said Kh.Khankeldiyev, is that BAW intends to work on drafting internship program exclusively for TTPU students. As Dr. Christian Kästner, Director of International Office at BAW, pointed out that this kind of deal has never been offered to any of his partner universities before.” His international office looks for new possibilities for TTPU students interested to have internships at some German companies in Germany.

No not only in exchange program in the framework of Erasmus+ Credit Mobility is to be extended as two BAW submitted all necessary documents for new Erasmus+ Mobily call 2022, but also the possibility of TTPU students both from Departments of Civil Engineering and Architecture and of Architecture and Design may continue their studies at BAW as soon as new exchange program is singed by both universities.

In a nutshell, TTPU students just after completing the exchange program at Bauhaus-Universität Weimar may also have a great chance to get into internship programs coordinated by BAW’s international office. In other words, TTPU students will benefit both from academic studies at BAW and gain practical experience at Germany’s companies. 

During the discussion, Mr. Aryn Machell, BAW’s International Office Officer, added one key point that the knowledge of German language is of vital importance and that this will create TTPU students lots of opportunities to take different kind of courses in civil engineering and architecture while they start doing the exchange program next academic year.

The knowledge of the German language would also be necessary for students to have their internships at German companies. So, Mr. Machell encourages TTPU students to take German language courses to open this kind of possibility for their professional and academic career.

Besides exchange programs and internship, Dr. Kästner said that faculties of two universities may also work on natural hazard prevention research studies as BAW does with its other partner universities.

In an attempt to give a glimpse of what both BAW’s Civil Engineering and Architecture program and student life in Germany are, it has been proposed by Professor Lars Abrahamczyk to invite TTPU students to Bauhaus Summer School this academic year.

To talk it over thoroughly, Professor Usmanov and Mr.Khankeldiyev met with Kristiina Oelsner, Coordinator Bauhaus Summer School at her office to find out all the detail of this summer program.

For this academic year, only two programs are offered: (1) Forecast Engineering and (2) Art and Design.

Professor Usmanov said that there is a huge possibility to get summer scholarships for one or two TTPU students and few more might visit Bauhaus-Universität Weimar on self-funding program, which will also give tremendous discounts from eating meals at a university cafeteria tobuying train tickets for travel across Germany or finding an accommodation on the BAW campus.

Ms. Oelsner will support TTPU students with all necessary documents so that they could get their visas in Germany as soon as possible.

To learn more about this summer program, TTPU students and their parents are welcome to participate in an online introductory session about Bauhaus Summer School this April. Its time and date will be announced in TTPU’s Dean office.