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Rector’s Cup competitions were held at the university

On June 19-20, 2023, Rector’s Cup competitions in tennis and badminton were held at TTPU on the occasion of June 30 – Youth Day,

According to the result of the competition:

The winner of the Rector’s Cup in table tennis – Mardonaliyev Abdukhalil

2nd place – Abdukhamedov Salahiddin

3rd place – Rakhimov Abdumajid

In badminton (pair):

The winners of the rector’s cup are: Ezozakhan Sobirkhanova, Dorobov Jamshid

2nd place – Imamaliyeva Shakhlo, Mardonaliyev Abdukhalili

3rd place – Gulnoza Yunusova, Abdulazizov Abduazim

Badminton (boys):

1st place – Dorobov Jamshid

2nd place – Qariyev Amirkhan

3rd place – Turobov Mirkozim

Badminton (girls):

1st place – Shakhlo Imomaliyeva

2nd place – Gulnoza Yunusova

3rd place – Ezozakhan Sobirkhanova
The winners were awarded diplomas, souvenirs and medals